Diet: It Can Hurt You or Heal You

Never thought I’d be writing a post like this if I’m totally honest with you. Not that I haven’t always believed that nutrition is a key to weight loss and overall health, but I hadn’t ever spent too much time studying beyond basic nutrition. I didn’t have time. Or maybe I should say, I didn’t take the time. If you knew what I know now and if you had a motivation like I have had, then you might be writing a post like this yourself. My son has epilepsy…at least he did.

Blog posts should typically be easy reads; something you can skim while in transit to and from work. It should be a quick little thought provoker or maybe just a comic relief or escape for the moment while sitting in a doctor’s office waiting. It’s amazing to think that we can read each other’s blogs while sitting on a bus or sitting in a waiting room thanks to the internet. It’s also amazing what we can share and learn and gain from the internet. I can share with you what I’ve found so that hopefully, it makes your life easier or gives you a little spark to find some things yourself. That is purpose of this post. I want to help people discover and unfold the power of nutrition. I’m the former middle of the road, conservative, black and white girl writing as a hippy type, earthy, naturalist, non-conservative, edgy post about nutrition and diet. I think there are more people like me that are leaning this way with the realization that going back to basics is best. What used to be considered hippy and edgy, is now sneaking into the mainstream more and more. And that’s where I think it belongs. There’s a place for modern medicine. My son needs anti-convulsant medications to help control his seizures and diabetics need their shots. But there is a place for the basics and for an education of what our body really needs that we can no longer push aside and let medicine replace. In order to keep this blog shy of becoming a novel, I will not go into too much detail now, but will share more through Zen to Fitness and Workoutplanz blogs as the days roll on in our new journey.

You’ve seen the documentaries that have come out in the last few years right? Netflix has a few of them like Food Matters, Hungry for Change and a recent one that was out in theaters at the beginning of last month called Fed Up. If you have NOT watched them, I highly recommend that you do so. An uneducated population is a population that will poison themselves with poor nutrition. Did you read the last post on this? The Marketer’s secret?

We’ve struggled over the last 3 1/2 years to get my 3 year old son’s seizures under control. We still don’t even know the cause of them. Did you know that 6 out of 1000 people have seizures put under the name “epilepsy”? Epilepsy is defined as this: a neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain. That’s a pretty broad definition. There are hundreds of causes and many people never find out what the root really is. My son is one of them.

This summer, we were to meet with the neurologists again to discuss a risky brain surgery as a last resort. Seizures have to be “controlled” otherwise brain damage can occur from the electrical shortages of the brain over time or physical damage can occur from having a seizure in a dangerous place like a pool, a playground or while driving a car. Controlling them is always the goal. As I mentioned, we’ve not been able to control them and he was still have 2-4 seizures per week even while taking 2 anti-convulsant medications. I knew we had not done everything we knew to do and I couldn’t put my son’s brain under a knife until I had. I needed to educate myself more and see if his diet could actually heal him. What I found was two-fold, his diet could’ve been hurting him and his diet is now healing him.

I don’t believe that it’s only true for a child with epilepsy. I believe this is true for people with chronic headaches, stubborn obesity, lack of energy, low immune systems, hormone imbalances and more. Just like those documentaries state, our food (or food “products”) are killing us. This is not a scare tactic because what I’ve also found is that even making small changes over time makes a HUGE impact. I’ve just begun this journey. After about 3 months of studying, I started implementing. After 8 weeks of implementing, I can say my son has been seizure free for 5 weeks. The only changes we’ve made in his life and lifestyle is his diet (and ours.) Think your diet is no big deal or you eat “good enough”? Maybe you should think again. It may mean the difference between sickness and health.


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