Eat like a minimalist.

Editors Note: This is a guest post from Sandy Xuan of Inspirational Quote.

Nowadays the diet information is just overwhelming and each contradicting one another. People are easily getting choked by it and becoming too tired to try anything anymore. How can one be the “smart ass” who stays fit through the chaos? One answer is, be the rare golden minimalist in eating. Minimalist eaters don’t complicate their diet, they only follow a few essential rules to stay healthy. Below are the rules.

1.  Eat when hungry

If the tank is still left with fuel, minimalists are simply not obsessed with filling it up. They know Eco is the trend, they wait till it’s nearly empty, then get it refilled.

2.  Stop when full

Minimalists know every meal they eat will rarely turn out as their last one. So they don’t stuff themselves. “Enough is Enough” is the motto they follow. Once they got enough fuel to go, they let the rest go, stay happy with their comfortably satisfied stomach.

3. It’s OK to not eat

There are tons of extremely tasty food everywhere. You can never eat them all up and there will always be more delicious food. So minimalists are not getting themselves involved in the endless circle of cravings. They see gorgeous food and they pass by, telling themselves “Oh that must taste brilliant! But I am also OK to not eat that beautiful piece. ”

4. Savor every bite

Minimalists stay comfortable with the food they currently have, and eat it with full attention. They savour the forms, flavours and textures of the food slowly and joyfully. They are having a diet experience rather than just filling themselves up. Those are the beautiful ones who know how to enjoy a life.

5. Enjoy the lightness

By not over-eating and not depriving themselves from food, minimalists maintain a light stomach for most of the time, which is one comfortable status to live with: you are unburdened and you hardly feel your stomach exists. After people get used to this lovely natural status, they can never go back to the old mode of having to be stuffed or *dirtied* their stomach. It’s just a horrible abuse to the body.

Above is how a minimalist  would eat and live. Basically they just eat the amount they actually need, hardly get obsessed with food but staying comfortable with the ones they already have, enjoy the meal and enjoy keeping the stomach clean and light for most of the time. They are being minimalist inside and out, while staying spontaneously healthy. Learn from them! Be the minimalist of your own and keep your diet streamlined. It’s the adorable lifestyle to live simple and light, not getting bothered by food but leaving food just as food.

Sandy’s Note: I am Chinese, never been outside of my country, and haven’t learned English properly. Yet somehow I fell in love with the language and enjoy reading & writing posts in it – My goal is living a conscious life, while inspiring others to do so too.


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