An Ecological Cure to Alcoholism

The addictive aspects of food allergy and chemical sensitivity were first discovered by the late Herbert J. Rinkel, M.D., of Kansas City, and further explored by Dr. Randolph, who proved the addictive quality of allergens by inducing withdrawal symptoms (hangover), which are quickly alleviated by taking more of the allergen.

Dr. Mandell has relieved hangovers from beer and whiskey drinking, not with giving the patient alcohol but with watery extracts of the major food components (corn, rye, wheat, malt, brewer’s yeast, etc.) In brief, the morning-after miseries of too much imbibing are actually the withdrawal phase of food and yeast addiction which results from a chronic allergic state.

The ecological cure of alcoholism runs along the same lines. Your need for a “hair-of-the-dog” – more of the same liquor to soothe hangover-proves your allergic addiction to the fermented fruit or cereal grain or the yeast culture of the beverage you had been drinking.

An alcoholic, Sybil Newberg, was hospitalized three times to “dry out.” During her third admission, a clinical ecologist who had just joined the hospital staff undertook provocative allergy testing of the woman with extracts prepared from brewer’s yeast and wheat. The brewer’s yeast made her depressed within a few minutes. The wheat caused her to become disoriented so that she hardly recognized people with whom she had been conversing. She fell into depths of despair, collapsed in utter fatigue, and complained of joint pains.

Sybil Newberg’s brain and body were sensitive to the food components of the alcoholic beverage she drank habitually – bourbon whiskey. She was an alcoholic because of her allergy to wheat and brewer’s yeast, and she was addicted to these allergens.

The solution for the woman’s alcoholism was not only to stay away from bourbon and other kinds of whiskey, but also to avoid all products containing wheat or brewer’s yeast. Her allergic reaction was cerebral, and the traditional psychiatrists were unaware of the possible significance of her prior history of allergy. They let Sybil eat all the whole wheat toast she wanted, which reinforced her allergy and her addiction.

Clinical ecologists believe there are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people like Sybil Newburg. They are alcoholic or compulsive eaters or smokers or suffer from some other avoidable addiction. They may be declared mentally or emotionally ill as a result of the addiction, but their actual problem is cerebral allergy. Find the causative allergen, and we may be able to cure obesity, smoking, alcoholism, and psychiatric illness.

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