Essentials For Minimal Home Workouts

Sure we can do workouts at home with absolutely no equipment using purely our bodies to provide resistance. To excel though having a few simple pieces of kit around the house can help you add variety to your workout whilst making it far more effective. What better time to ditch that gym membership?

1- Kettlebell – A kettlebell at home is a great investment, they are so flexible and can be used for pretty much anything. One Kettlebell can leave the need for a set of dumbbells at the door. Basically they are cheap effective and offer a total solution for the weight based part of your home training kit.

I myself have a 16 Pood kettlebell at home and have used it for:

  • Swings
  • Presses
  • Cleans
  • Floor Presses
  • Squats

As well as a variety of other more basic exercises. To me its an invaluable piece of kit. For more info and the full low down on how to use and get started with a KB then checkout my post over here…….

2- Resistance Bands – Ever seen those rubbery bands that are used for stretching and light resistance, they are a surprisingly handy piece of kit. You can perform pretty much anything you would with free weights the trick lies in using the positioning of the bands to manipulate resistance. I like to use them to burn out muscles especially the shoulders and arms. The other benefit of having a set of these at home is that they travel well and can be stored away easily.


Plus they are great for stretching out and relieving tightness in the muscles. While these are not great as a single way to train a muscle they compliment a circuit of BodyWeight and Kettlebell exercises. I sometimes take mine to the park to use between sets of sprints too.

3- Ab Wheel – Forget doing endless crunches for abs when you can train your entire core including your lower back and supporting muscles with one simple exercise. I sued to think ab wheels were a gym fad but after using them a few times they blew me away and I now love using them, nothing gets my whole core quite as well worked.


You can also use a stability ball to do the ab rollouts using simular technique shown in the video above. Its really time to stop crunches which will do more damage than good, get some real core work in with rollouts and static stability exercises like the plank…..

4- Chinup Bar – So many possibilities with a Chinup Bar, they will allow you to build your upper body with simple compound exercises which is key. While chinups are what you would normally expect to be done you can also use the chinup bar for:

  • Negative Chins (Great Ab Builder)
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Stretching out your Back and Chest

So its really worth having one chin-up bar stationed somewhere in your home gym. Don’t forget a simple circuit of Bodyweight Squats, Chinups and Pushups is a workout in itself and can build an impressive physique.

One last thing I would also throw in is a good pair of minimal running shoes think Nike Free’sor Vibram 5 Fingers plus some good basic kit for working out (shorts, t-shirt and socks) and you are good to go. While none of the above are essential for home workouts as you could use purely body-weight and running, the kit does serves as motivation and will get you better results. If I had to choose one? I’d go for a Kettlebell…….

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