Eustress – The Pleasant or Positive Stress

I am sure we have all experienced the great feeling that we get after achieving something great, like accomplishing a task, achieving a goal or doing something kind for someone else. This is what is called Eustress (Good Stress) and its the stress that gives us a lust for life.


What got me thinking about this was that all the times I have felt best or the most satisfied have stemmed from a time where I worked hard to achieve something and it put a stress on my body but not a negative stress like Anxiety, Fear, Guilt which are called Distress. It was more of a in the moment enjoyable stress which got me out of my head and had me totally focused on the job in the hand.

Its so important for human’s to find a form of Eustress and learn to maintain it, otherwise we can be dragged into the dark world of Distress which is riddled with Anxiety, Confusion, and Greed….

Balancing Stress

Balancing stress is an odd thing; we need a certain amount of stress in order to feel good. Too little stress will leave us under-stimulated, bored and even depressed. Whereas too much stress (distress) will do the opposite overstimulating us to the point of madness. We must learn to achieve the middle point (Eustress) so we have a purpose and excitement to life which allow us to function optimally, creating a good hormonal environment which is conductive to feeling good.

How To Achieve Eustress

Achieving an optimal level of stress is not easy. I have found we need the following:

– A Purpose to Life. Something to get up for each day whether thats a job you enjoy, or anything that gets you passionate about living. If yu haven’t found that thing it will come it just takes time and effort. Here is a great post about revealing your purpose in life……

– Supportive Friends and Family. Having good people around you is something so important!  Friends and family we can talk to in times of need is crucial. They give us a solid base and keep us grounded.

– A Base. Having a home, a bed, good food. These things are not only key to living they are key to keeping mental sanity so if you don’t have these they are your core to build life upon.

– Challenges. Having something to work towards is a great way to achieve Eustress. A goal will fuel your will to love and enthusiasm for life. Look into learning new sports, reading consistently or taking a course in something. Doing any of these things will effectively create some form of Eustress in your body. So take something on which will force you to learn something new or hone your current thinking.

  • Start a Blog
  • Sign up for a Event (5k, Triathlon, Charity Run)
  • Do Charity work
  • Learn a new skill (Language, Yoga, Sport)

– Learn to Quit Distress. Getting rid of negative stress is hard but you can let go and move on from the things that bother you. Remember you are in control and the things you worry about will most liekly never happen! Mark’s Daily Apple have a great post on de-stressing……

Its a Great Thing

Eustress the forgotten stress – Is the stuff of personal growth and development.  You can’t get better, stronger, smarter, faster or more loving without it.  Eustress is any stress you subject yourself to which causes positive adaptations.

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