The Evils of High Insulin Levels

Insulin is a doubled edged sword its the hormone our bodies releases when we eat that allows us to absorb and store food (Storage Hormone). It gets a larger release when we eat lots of food  (Especially Sugar) and it stays at a good healthy level when we eat good food in normal quantities.

Keep it Level

If you want to keep Insulin Levels high and cause FAT to be stored you need to eat high carb foods (Bread, Pasta, Rice, Candy, Juice, on the other hand if you eat a good diet based on: Vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, fruit, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar. The food you eat will be shuttled into your muscles and you will keep burning fat all day long!

Its Evils

Having high Insulin elevels is damaging beyond just causing fat gain, as if that wasn’t enough it does some of the following:

1-  It has been proven that high Insulin levels are a Major Factor in Aging. Simply put it the more insulin that you release throughout your time the faster cells get damaged and the quicker you will age. Simple as that; Want more wrinkles, bad vision, and achy joints then keep eating processed carbs. If you want to keep a strong immune system, fight off infections and age releated diseases like Dementia, Cancer and Strokes keep your insulin levels low!

2- I was watching the Recent nutrition seminar with Robb Wolf from the Crossfit Journaland there is a part about how Alzheimer’s is caused by High Insulin levels and is now refereed to as Type 3 Diabetes. This is pretty amazing and coincides perfectly with the fact that Alzheimer’s has only been a prominent disease in the last 20-30 years (the time the ludicrous low fat/high carb diet became the norm). So if you want to keep your marbles keep insulin at bay!

3- Fat Storage, As mentioned before Excess insulin will cause excess food to be stored in fat cells. This explains why people on the Atkins diet have shown to be able to eat huge amounts of calories without gaining weight or even losing weight. This is because eating a low carb diet will ensure your insulin remains low so even excess calories will not be stored as fat. If you want to Read more about this I highly recommend reading some of Gary Taubes work especially “What if its all been a big fat lie” his revolutionary NYT article.

How to Keep this Stuff @ Bay?

Its not that hard to keep insulin sensitivity up (Make muscle tissue rather than fat cells absorb excess)

– Eat a Paleothic/Caveman Diet 80% of the time; Vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, fruit, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar.

– Supplement with Omega 3′s (Fish Oil) and Magnesium Citrate both have been shown to dramatically improve our bodies Insulin Sensitivity (More Muscle/Less Fat)

– Use Apple Cider Vinegar and Cinnamon in your diet.

– Do Short Intense sessions of resistance training; Things like SprintsWeights based circuits.

– Keep Active go for long walks, do some grocery shopping, get off the bus one stop early.

Keeping your insulin at bay is NOT hard, and it pays off big time; you will experience increased mental focus, better body composition, more stable moods, as well as looking and feeling younger. It will also keep you disease free!

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