5 Ways to Add More Excitement to Workouts

Workouts can get boring at times the trick is to keep them fresh and new by adding exciting twists and variables to your fitness regime. I have compiled a few things that help keep me motivated and excited about working out.

Get Some New Music

Whether this entails burning a new CD with some of your favorite tracks or taking 10 minutes to sit down in iTunes and make yourself a great playlist its worth it. Music while exercising is one of the best things to keep you excited and fresh a new Mixtape can make an old workout seem fresh.

When I have some new music that I love it will serve as great motivation for runs or gym sessions. So keep digging around for new music that gets you going and will work as a tool for excitement during your next workout.

Some other good resources for good free workout mixes come from PodRunner who provide free workout mixes for your iPod. I also think some of the Nike+ mixes on iTunes are very good and well worth the couple of dollars they will cost you.

Change up your Workouts

Do something New today there are so many free resources online providing short variety based fitness solutions that can inspire and give ideas for you to do workouts with or without equipment.

CrossFit – A great resource their WOD’s are great. Short, Intense and Free. If you find the workouts too hard you can check out the BrandX Site which provides scaled versions for beginners.

20 Minute Fitness Solution – Besides its cool minimalist feel they provide simple no nonsense workouts daily that can be done in 20 minutes or under.

SimpleFit – I love this site and it inspired me when I first started a more simplified training program. They have great meal plans and diet advice as well as simple fitness programs for us all to follow.

New Gear

I know this one is one is a bit shallow but you will be shocked how buying a new pair of trainers will make your workouts far more exciting. A few months ago when I bought my Nike Free’s they served as great motivation for me to get out and hit the road and train more frequently as I was excited about utilizing my purchase. This goes for anything from new Trainers to a New iPod, Here are some of my Favourite minamalist Workout tools:

iPod Shuffle – Its small cheap and works flawlessly, I love using mine for the gym and all kinds of training. They are even great to keep in your pocket for long commutes, plus they have a built in clip which is great for sports as they cling on to any shorts or t-shirts.

Nike Frees – By far the most comfortable and Free feeling trainer I have ever tried. In my opinion they are the best thing for a wide variety of training like: Short Runs, Going to the Gym, Sprinting, CrossFit. Pretty reasonably prices as well.

Focus on How Good You Will Feel

Always try to remember how good working out makes you feel. A workout should always feel fun and enjoyable and leave you with a feeling of lightness and freshness. If you lack enthuisiasm to go for a workout just remember how good you feel not only about yourself after the workout, but how much better off your body is.

“I’m really into my running workout. Running really helps me clear my head and makes me feel good, especially when I’m stressed.” Katie Holmes

Each time we workout we release a surge of feel good chemicals and hormones which will make you feel great all day. Thats why I love to kick off the day with a workout.

Sign up for a Charity event

Running a 5K or doing a triathlon for charity is a great way to keep exercise fresh and fun. It allows you to help other by contributing to charity and help yourself by keeping fit. Every month each city worldwide holds countless sporting events for charity so get involved it will give you something to work towards and give your fitness regime a purpose!

Check out Leo from ZenHabits who is doing a Train For Humanity run.

Its Easy

Its so easy to add that extra bit of excitement to workouts keeping them fresh and feeling brand new. Sometimes it just takes a little something to give us that nudge hopefully the above tips can help you out…..

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