FDA and Obama Administration Change Food Labels

For those who diligently check out the “Nutrition Facts” when buying groceries, the Obama Administration is showcasing changes to packaging labels that will delight. The thought is that the way labels are currently listed are archaic and need to highlight what is important for consumers to know, especially if they’re controlling their diet.

These changes, revealed on February 27th, could take more than a year to implement but involve key changes such as serving size and additional information on sugar. For instance, why should bags and bottles that are consumed in one sitting list two servings? Additionally, there are products that will have naturally occurring sugars but then ingredients like corn syrup are put in to make the product more appealing.

While the Grocery Manufacturers Association and other groups have said they’re willing to work on the new labeling, they strongly object to listing additional sugars. However, it is likely the FDA will implement it. Marion nestle, a nutrition professor from New York University stated, “Sugar that the companies put in, whether it’s corn syrup, table sugar, maple syrup, is nutritionally void. Period.”

The FDA have not gone as far as some European countries who have “at a glance” labeling that use scales, colors or stars, but it’s thought that the FDA is moving in the right direction.

(via The Washington Post)

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