Get Past Your Sticking Point

Many people do really well with starting a healthier life, they start exercising and eating healthier – the metabolism gets into check and the body changes favourably. The difficulty comes when this honeymoon period ends and the body adapts yet there is still a bit of excess weight being carried. For those who don’t want to force their body into further weight loss with extreme exercise or starvation this is a tricky and frustrating time. The wiser and more long-term strategy is patience and coercing the body into getting leaner gradually, I have found a few things extremely helpful in this situation.

Three Lifestyle and Diet Tips

1. Liver Detox – The liver is key for both Carbohydrate and Fat metabolism. Firstly the liver is in charge of keeping blood glucose within a normal range, this is because the liver stores excess glucose after a meal, then releases it to bring up blood glucose hours after a meal (glycogenolysis). In terms of Fat metabolism the liver metabolizes all kinds of fatty acids to burn fat and provide energy. For this reason it is essential we keep the liver cleansed and in good health to not only produce energy but to burn fat effectively.

The easiest way to start helping the liver is to start the day with the juice of one lemon in hot water. This triggers off phase one and two liver detoxification and starts up the digestive system for the day – make sure you don’t use boiling water on the lemon juice as this will negate the positive effects. This should stimulate the liver for 12-24 hours so doing it once a day in the morning is enough.

Lemon juice, specifically the phytochemical d-limonene, acts as a liver tonic and assists in digestion by clearing the detoxification pathways and helping the liver produce more bile. – John Meadows

There are also a variety of herbs that are useful in liver detoxification like Milk Thistle, Burdock Root and Dandelion.

2. Resistant Starch – This is a type of Fiber found in certain foods which rebuilds the guts good bacteria and stimulates fat burning by making our bodies use carbohydrate for fuel throughout the day and therefore improving lipid oxidation.

Resistance Starch significantly increased post-prandial lipid oxidation and therefore could decrease fat accumulation in the long-term. – Source

And while studies are not the be and end all I have seen first hand the effect an increase of RS in the diet can have. Especially in those who eat very little on a regular basis the simple addition of 1 half-ripe banana a day can sometimes trigger fat loss and reduce body weight set point in a couple of weeks – I know many people who got passed a weight sticking point when they started eating resistant starch on a regular basis, probably due to the increased fat utilisation and improved gut health. See this post for more resistant starch info….

3. Psychology – Your mental outlook is a big deal, it seems the more frustrated we get and try to force something the harder it becomes to achieve as a reality. This principle goes for anything in life and certainly rings true for pushing your physique to the next level. It is a tough one to get over as it is only natural we sometimes feel frustrated, and stuck. The trouble comes though when this frustration tenses us up and disables regular rational thinking. It may lead you to acts of desperation like crazy amounts of exercise or dieting.

Easier said than done but all that’s necessary is a bit of – Patience, intuition when eating and a sensible exercise program in which you focus on doing exercise you enjoy when you feel like it. Add to this a belief that you will one day reach your goals, plus a belief that you have a strong metabolism that is efficient in burning fat and handling all kinds of food. The mind-body connection is very strong and I am a firm believer that we need a firm psychological state in order to achieve our goals.

The three factors above are not deal breakers but they are certainly things I have found people who are generally healthy but maybe hanging on to some extra baggage can use to help push things to the next level. Of course though the foundations are the most important so make sure you – Move RegularlyEat a Wholesome Diet and Keep Stress at Bay.


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