Green Tea Why Drink It?

Every medicine is the only medicine for a specific disease, but tea is the medicine for all causes – Chen Zang

Green Tea has had no shortage of good press in recent years. Anyone with the slightest interest in Fitness/Nutrition will have heard some of the good stuff that Green Tea has to offer. It has been touted as a Miracle Fat burner, and hyped for its calming effect thanks to its L-Theanine content.

One thing that I figured out with Green Tea a while back is that Quality Matters. I had been drinking the standard “Tea Bag” stuff for years and truth be told I never really noticed the benefits, nevertheless I continued to drink the stuff thinking it was doing me a world of good…..

Road to Enlightenment

One Saturday afternoon while visiting my local organic food store I ran into a Japanese man promoting his brand of Green Tea. He was presenting small cups of Green Tea for customers to try out. What struck me about the tea was the color; instead of the foggy yellow/green color of the bags I would buy and steep myself the green tea had a beautiful vibrant green color to it, so bright in fact it almost looked unnatural. Next was the taste it tasted totally different to any tea I had ever tasted. In spite of it being so delicate in flavor it was actually enjoyable and had depth to its taste, something I could see myself looking forward to drinking rather than chugging down for the health benefits.

I spoke to the gentleman for a while and asked him various questions on Green Tea and he let me in on a few great tips when it comes to picking your green tea…..

– Always buy loose, Green Tea needs space to open up and release its goodness and flavor.

– Never use boiling water, tip the water between cups a few times before putting it onto the tea leaves.

– Good Green Tea leaves can be eaten and they will have a tasty complex flavor and texture.

– Bad Green Tea Leaves will taste bitter and leave water murky and pungent tasting.

– To gain the full benefits steep the green tea leaves several times. This allows for a full release of the anti-oxidants.

– After Steeping and drinking, the left over leaves can be used to add to salad’sor eaten for the health benefits.

So after years of messing around with green tea I finally started to know what I was looking for, I bought a small pit of his loose leaf green tea which is Japanese and supposedly comes from the highest quality manufacturers in Japan who treat there tea leaves with care to ensure they retain vitality.

What I Noticed

Over the next few days I started steeping a pot/cup of green tea and recycling the leaves for several brews. I would drink this throughout the afternoon. Otherwise I would try and sneak in a few cups before work. The first effect was the level to which the stuff heated up my body I felt pretty warm and induced a calm relaxed feeling of well-being which I can only say I have gotten from having a good brew of fresh Yerba Mate. I can only put this down to the thermogenic effect of the Green Tea plus the Theanine which acts to calm the mind, an awesome combination.

The next main benefit I noticed was how much it ramped up my appetite, it would literally feel like my body was chewing up food. For some this is not a benefit but I personally like to feel hungry so long as I’m not starved. It shows me that digestion is robust and my body is functioning well. This is probably thanks to the metabolic boosting effects of the EGCG in the tea…..

Lastly I have actually really started to “crave” green tea. When you drink the good stuff and brew it correctly the taste is amazing, in spite of it being so plain its extremely tasty to drink and blows away the bitter old tea bags I used to drink. Plus I have been using the old tea leaves to throw over salads. So apart from my morning coffee, quality green tea has definitely become a staple in my diet. Green Tea when brewed correctly should have flavor full of depth and variety.

Enjoy life sip by sip not gulp by gulp.

Why Is It So Good?

Green Tea has loads of scientific proof to back up its benefits. I am almost certain though that you need to drink the high quality stuff in order to attain these; It is thought that the health benefits come from EGCG which is a catechin and powerful anti-oxidant which is abundant in green tea and has been shown to:

  • Inhibit Cancer Cell Growth
  • Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Promote Fat Loss
  • Prevent Gum Disease and stop bad breath
  • If your caffeine sensitive don’t worry it has 1/3 that of black tea and loads of calming theanine which counteracts the stimulating effect.

Some pretty cool stuff and I am sure its all true, there must be a reason why the Japanese who drink the stuff all day are some of the healthiest and longest living people around. As well as this green tea shouldnt be expensive I picked up a batch of high quality stuff for about £5 or $10 which will last me for 2-3 weeks drinking it daily. Just make sure you buy a high quality loose leaf Japanese green tea. Check this link for Green Tea’s to explore…..

So to sum up Green Tea is pretty much the only fat burner you need or that has proven truly effective, it will also act as a powerful anti-oxidant detoxifying your body. The other main advantage is the calming effect it has there is nothing better than a peaceful mind and good Green Tea will get you on the right track!

Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world.


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