High Protein Diets Decrease Lifespan

A recent 18 year study covering diets has revealed that those who are middle-aged, between 50-65, and eat lots of protein have a higher risk of cancer, diabetes and deaths from any cause compared to those who eat less protein or obtain protein from plants. This risk translates into a 75% increase in deaths and 4 times as likely to develop cancer.

However, the interesting discovery was that this trend actually reverses once individuals were over 65. The high protein diet actually reduced the chance of cancer and deaths from any cause though the risk for diabetes stayed the same. Apparently as we get older, the way we absorb proteins changes.

The root causes are linked to IGF-1 levels which directly correlate to high protein intakes. In fact, fat or carb intakes had no significant effect on the study as it was clearly found that the source of where the protein was what mattered.

Lastly, the study has also confirmed further that red meat proteins are hazardous to our health and that plant based proteins actually work to help us.


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