Hip Flexor Mobility and Health

When sitting all day – as many of us do with desk jobs out hip flexors can get tight. Hip flexors are the muscles that run along the front of each of our legs in the hip and that, well, flex the hip. There are quite a few muscles that actually flex the hip, but two that are specifically referred to as hip flexors. The Illiopsoas group consists of the Psoas and the Iliacus.

Having tight hip flexors can cause many issues including lower back pain as when they are tight they can cause your lower back to chronically pull forward plus a tight hip flexor can inhibit your bum muscles which causes the lower back pain even from the simplest things like walking around, picking stuff up and playing light sports.

If you are someone with a desk job, chronic lower back pain, a tightness in the hip area or who spends a long time sitting for any reason it is very important to have a look into improving your hip flexor health and mobility.

Check out this video from Tom Furman on how to stretch out your hip flexors. It has some invaluable tips on how to effectivly open up the muscle.

Another good exercise for the legs which works at the same time to open up tight hip flexors is a lunge with a stretch. This basically comes down to doing a standard lunge except you try to straighten out the back knee slightly rather than bend it, this will give you a good stretch in the hip flexor of the back leg – add your arms to an over head position to further extend the stretch. Click here for an example….

The message here is to make sure you avoid allowing your hip flexors to tighten up. Whether you have already come to the stage of tight hip flexors or not doesn’t matter – they are an easy muscle to stretch out and improve mobility. Even if your hip flexors are loose and in good health continue stretching them out regularly.

If you have chronic lower back pain that cannot be diagnosed it is worth looking at your hip flexors as a potential culprit and seeing if consistent work on them will solve your problems.


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