How to Maintain Your Fitness Level

Maintaining a healthy weight is important and it’s the best way to prevent many diseases. Being unfit can cause health problems like hypertension, heart disease, breathing difficulties, various types of cancer and type II diabetes. The reason behind this is excess weight that accumulates when you fail to lead a healthy lifestyle. You may not be obese, but your body can have too much cholesterol, which is dangerous. You can lower the risks of developing any of these health problems by staying fit. No need to worry, there are some ideas on how to maintain your fitness level.

What You need to do after Losing Excess Weight

It takes hard work to shed off unwanted weight and this makes it necessary to adapt some new exercise and eating habits. This is the only way you can lose weight permanently. Even though initially it may not be easy, you will get used to it with time. You need to create new habits and stick to them, even though it may be very difficult at the start.

Simple tips

Be in full control

You are now fit and it’s no longer a wishful thought. It has taken your determination to achieve that beautiful body and therefore, you must be in control to ensure that the bad weight does not attack you again. You can write down all the good things that come with being fit and decide that you will watch out and take care of your body. Who does not want to look good in their clothes? This is important, especially for ladies who can wear beautiful dresses and shorts which is not possible if you are obese. With a healthy weight you can go out and have fun without feeling extremely tired.

Watch what you eat

Whatever you eat means a lot to your body. Get a notebook and write that everyday, it will surprise you how it can help you stay away from unhealthy foods. Check your eating habits for at least 7 days, then analyze them with an expert or just yourself to see if you are following the right path to stay fit. Adding some information like how you feel before eating and afterwards can help you a lot. This way, you will avoid eating just because you are feeling tired, bored or lonely.

Make sure you have comfortable training gear

If you have comfortable training gear, you will feel motivated to work out. Most people are afraid of working out because of injuries related to sports. It is advisable that you prevent such injuries because they take time to heal and you have to spend a few weeks undergoing a treatment. Get the right shoes for dancing, running or performing any other sports. If your feet are not supported properly, you are likely to get injured.

Control your portions

The amount of food people eat keeps increasing both at home and in restaurants. The plates are getting bigger and it is easy to fill each plate with delicious food portions. Change the size of your plate and go for a smaller one and always eat more vegetables. If you are eating out, ask for a starter for the main course; control yourself regardless what your eating habits are. You can even leave some leftovers on the plate if you feel full; it’s a big step towards maintaining healthy weight.

Be active

People become unfit because they do not move a lot. Body needs movement and exercise because it was created to do so; people used to walk long distances before the introduction of various means of transport. Nowadays, people sit in the office all day, then drive home where they continue sitting and watching TV. It is recommended that you take ten thousand steps everyday, but most people do not even manage to take 5000 a day. This very unhealthy and can affect your cardiovascular health. If you don’t want to take up any exercise, just go to your local shopping mall or walk around in your neighborhood. This way you keep the muscles toned and it will enable you to burn more calories.

Buy a ball

Many people will not believe this, but ball is good for you to exercise. Just play with it in your house or outside and you will be surprised how your body feels lighter as you hold a falling ball. It is good for your abdominal and back exercises. It is an easy way full of fun to strengthen your muscles and even a beginner can do this without any help.


Running at least three days per week will keep your body fit. This is the fastest way to burn calories. It is possible to burn more than 100 calories if run one mile everyday. Do more running than walking. This however, may be more tiresome and painful to the joints at times. Running keeps you fit and a little warming up will reduce high chances of getting painful joints after running.

Stop dieting

Starving yourself will not give you a fit body. What you need to do is eat healthy foods that will keep your body healthy and will not make you put on weight. Eat fruit like blueberries, blackcurrants and avocados. They will keep your skin looking radiant and enhance immunity in your body. Greens, onions, fish, tomatoes and beans are also nutritious and should be part of you meals. Take a balanced diet every day for each meal and do not skip eating.
Garlic is good in your meals because it improves bowel movements, stomach ulcers and digestion system.

Stay away from bad foods and drinks

Drinks that contain alcohol are bad for your health if you want to stay fit. Men should not drink more than 4 units of alcohol per day and women should consume less than three. This will help you reduce the amount of calories taken daily. Soft drinks have unnatural sweeteners, flavors and caffeine and they are not healthy at all. They contain too little water and you should not use them instead of water. Sausages and chips are a big NO! They contain too much fat. White bread and buns do not have many nutrients and they come with a lot of starch which only makes you put on weight.

Yoga sessions

Yoga sessions increase flexibility of your body. You will feel energetic after doing some yoga moves. Those who practice must also adhere to strict physical and mental discipline. It enables you to lower high blood pressure, boosts energy levels and keeps you calm. There are different moves and they include:


These are moves that improve your respiratory system. Patients suffering from asthma have found relief and this technique has helped to maintain fitness in their body. The muscles get enough oxygen and it makes you feel energetic.


Asanas helps to tone muscles, strengthen joins and the whole skeleton in general.

These are just two postures, but there are others that will help you stay fit. The postures may seem too gentle, but they definitely make your internal organs more efficient. This leads to easy bowel movements, excellent blood flow and a beautiful skin.

Never skip your breakfast

Most people are tempted to leave their house without eating breakfast. This is a big mistake if you want to stay fit. A big percentage of people who go to work early in the morning, do not eat their breakfast. They do not understand the reasons why they should not skip their morning meals. One reason is that you get very hungry before lunch and it increases the chances that you will eat anything you come across. You end up going for a chocolate bar, a muffin or doughnut. This can make you feel full very fast, but these products contain too much starch. Start your day with healthy foods such as fruit, whole grain bread and a boiled egg. Some calories in your breakfast will keep you energized throughout the day. Whenever you fail to have your morning meal, you end up overeating during the day.

Eat like a vegetarian

This means no meat in your meals, not even poultry or fish. Eating vegetables is good for your heart, lowers amount of cholesterol in your body, enhances blood flow and lowers the risk of getting hypertension. Consider becoming a vegetarian for a few weeks and it will help you think twice about consuming too much calories everyday. However, make sure you maintain a balanced diet even without meat. Eat foods that are rich in proteins and iron to replace beef, poultry, pork and other meat in your diet.

Drink plenty of water

Water makes a big percentage of the body and it’s essential for it to function properly. Everyday you lose over 2 liters through sweating and therefore you must drink more to replace it. According to doctors, one should drink around two liters of water every day. Kidneys need plenty of water to function properly and remove toxins from your body. Throat, lungs and airways need water to function properly.

Drink plenty of water before you go out at night. Alcohol dehydrates the body and can cause hangovers and painful headache. Water is also good for digestion; it activates enzymes and helps the food go smoothly via the wall of the gut into the blood.

Exercise with your kids

Most stay at home mothers do not have time to exercise. However, all is not lost; you can exercise with your kids. Take kids’ yoga classes with them. You can also walk in the park and play some games that make you move fast. If your children are bigger, play football or basketball with them. This will also encourage your children to remain fit.

See your doctor for a check up

Going for a check up tells you more about your health. It is wise to talk to your doctor before you engage your body in different types of exercises. It is the only way you can tell what your body is capable of coping with. Some exercise regime may not be safe for you.

Do Pilates

Pilates is becoming more and more popular since it was introduced in 1970s. This form of exercise makes your mind and muscles relax. Pilates is also good to build body strength because it controls the movements of your body. You have to follow controlled breathing methods which ensure there is enough oxygen in the blood. It is an effective way of removing fatigue and waste from your body.

Use magic numbers

The magic numbers are 55-20-25 and to many people they are meaningless. These numbers are used by nutritionists. They mean 55% of carbohydrates, 20% for proteins and 25% for fats. Follow this ratio and you will remain fit.

Look for company

It may feel lonely to exercise alone and sometimes you postpone it. This can make you adopt a bad habit and eventually forget about keeping fit. To avoid that, get a friend who is interested in working out. Family and friends who like what you are doing are always ready to support you. If you cannot find someone around, join a club and your morale to keep fit will boost and renew daily.

Join a fitness club

Join a gym and you will be guided on how to remain fit. Even though you have to pay membership, it’s worth every cent. You will find other people who are interested in exercising and you will be motivated. If you choose a good gym, you will see that it has a wide range of fitness equipment. Some of the modern gyms even have swimming pools and you have a variety of ways to work out everyday. This ensures that you do not get bored easily.

Get enough sleep

There may be many people who are suffering from obesity, but most people are not getting enough sleep. Reduced muscle mass is caused by lack of enough sleep and can cause diabetes. Try to stretch your body a bit before you sleep. Another effective way to get into comfortable sleep is having warm bath enriched with essential oils. Avoid eating too much as that can cause disturbed sleep. However, never go to bed on empty stomach.

Before you eat, decide if you are really hungry

Eating plays a major role in the process of putting on weight. Most people struggle with choosing between weather to eat or not. If you check your eating habits, you realize that you eat even when you are not hungry. Eat what you need but watch the amount of products you consume – it will help you end the cycle of binging on food. Some conditions like depression or boredom make you find solace in anything edible. Try drinking some water and it will help you forget the craving.

Do not forget that you want to remain in good shape

It is human nature to get tired of following a healthy diet or doing exercises everyday, however, when you get into such moments, you should remind yourself the importance of remaining in good shape. Write down the advantages of staying in shape and appreciate your efforts. There are both long and short term benefits and knowing them will keep you motivated to remain in good shape. Once in a while, reward yourself for the good work.


If you love dancing, do it because it is more fun than gym. You have control of your working out sessions and you can enjoy your favorite music. You will never be bored especially if you do it with your friends.

Your hobby can help you lower stress. Anyone who is mentally stressed is likely to gain weight and lose their track of staying in shape. Dancing provides good mood and enhances your immunity. According to one research done on people with and without hobbies, having something to do during your leisure time keeps you fit.

Maintain a straight posture while standing up

This may sound simple but makes you look and feel confident. A poor standing posture can strain the shoulders, hips and back. This causes you pain and is responsible for a tired look. Start attending some yoga sessions or doing some Pilates and this can go a long way to improve your posture.


Staying in shape means that your body functions at high levels all the time. You can be sure to prevent a number of diseases that are caused by overweight and too much cholesterol in your body. Do not be afraid of doing exercises and following a strict healthy diet. This is one of the most effective ways to beat anxiety, depression and stress. Make sure you engage in activities that interest you.
Everyone needs fitness and every adult should do something to stay fit. Some people do nothing all week and only exercise during the weekend and they end up with painful injuries. Try to focus on moderate daily activities in order to avoid any injuries.

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