Is Protein The Whey To Go?

I am sure when you first got into fitness and started working out you were bombarded with the notion that you have to go buy a big tub of protein or some sort of gainer drink in order to make gains in the gym, its simply not the truth but far from it. While supplements like Whey Protein can be helpful for certain causes they are not needed by the masses and certainly not needed by someone wanting to achieve a good physique. Saying this they hold some very cool benefits

The Benefits – Whey Protein

Whey Protein is a very cool supplement and it has some very good effects on the body when used correctly. A high quality whey protein powder will be loaded with Amino Acids including Leucine which has recently been touted as being extremely important in triggering muscle growth especially when consumed in high concentrations, while doing resistance training.

More importantly than this to me anyway are the general health benefits you can obtain from taking Whey, although its just another way to get more protein in your diet Whey holds benefits that cannot be obtained from other protein sources; It is amazing at stimulating the immune system by helping to Glutathione which is pretty much the most important anti-oxidant in our bodies and it can only be manufactured by our own bodies through eating nourishing foods. Glutathione destroys free radicals in the body and detoxifies the body.

Always try and pick a high quality Whey with a high Immunoglobulin count which is an anti-body which plays a key role in developing and maintaining our immune system and keeping our blood healthy!

Also keep in mind the benefits of whey protein are nothing new there is an old Italien Expression which goes:

“If you want to live a healthy and active life, drink whey and dine early”

I think we can all agree this is great advice! So by Having some Whey a few times a week expect to:

  • Bolster your immune system
  • If your in anyway deficient in Amino Acids you will feel an energy boost
  • Nourish and detoxify your body

What to go for?

I personally like to follow 2 rules when buying whey protein:

1- Buy it from a source which has very high manufacturing standards and are willing to show certificates of their products quality! Companies like this are few and far between but its well worth making sure you get the good stuff with all the trash on the markets these days….. Make sure the Whey you buy has gone through the minimal amount of processing.

2- Avoid Artificial Sweeteners; After TheIFlife’s article on Artificial Sweeteners this earlier this week I think we can all agree this stuff is doing us no favors!

Get your whey Unflavored and learn to enjoy the natural milky and neutral taste, it will do yur body a world of good in the long run!

Whey to Go!

While Whey protein is far from essential when starting a fitness regime it can be a useful tool for someone looking to bolster their immune system or someone needing a quick source of protein on the go. I myself rarely use the protein supplements but normally keep a small amount of Whey on hand to mix into some canned pumpkin or add to a smoothie for a protein burst! I would take real food over it any day but it has uses for some! Just remember keep it high quality and Natural…..

  • Get High Quality Unprocessed Whey
  • Steer clear of artificial Sweeteners
  • Stay well away from Soy Protein or Casein (nightmare to digest)
  • Rice or Hemp Protein can also be a suitable alternative to Whey
  • Consider it a luxury rather than a staple
  • Only bother with it if your diet, training and sleep are in check!

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