Jack Lalanne – What He Taught….

Jack Lalanne was a true pioneer of fitness, He paved the way for pretty much everything we have now when it comes to implementing health and wellness into our lives….

“People didn’t talk about fitness before Jack LaLanne,” said Fitcorp CEO, founder and president Gary Klencheski. “He brought it into the living room. You never saw people jogging on the street. You didn’t see people biking. He made it OK to exercise. He was the guy to really promote it and get people to listen to him.”

He left us with a wealth of common sense and was way ahead of his time. Jack’s teachings are timeless and his advice is always something worth checking out if you have lost your way in health or are just confused with all the modern day knowledge being passed around.

I recently ran through quite a few of his videos on YouTube and one struck me as being very to the point and accurate in that he isolates three main points that are causing ill health – and although the video was made many years ago, its teachings could not be more relevant today.

Lack of Exercise – It seems that there are two extremes now days, those who exercise too much (chronic cardio, exercise obsessions) and those who exercise too little (sedentary behaviour). Jack believed in moderate exercise, but being consistent – after all he never missed a workout! He was a big advocate of resistance training and swimming, both very functional and corrective to the body (when done correctly).

Empty Calories – Jack Lalanne was not extreme with his diet he just recommended healthy whole foods and avoiding empty calories. He was also a big fan of juicing as a way to get in nutrients, and always stressed the importance of freshly pressed or blended juice. This is something that is even more relevant in todays society as there are more sources of empty calories or “dead” foods than ever before. You can’t go far wrong sticking to a nutrient dense, unprocessed diet – regardless of protein, carbs and fat ratios.

Nervous Tension – As Jack says nervous tension is greatly eased by eating right and exercising consistently. Saying this nervous tension is something that is very prominent in the western world and its not getting any better….. The stress of life or the stress we put on ourselves everyday is probably the most damaging thing we can do to our bodies. Finding simple ways to reduce stress is the key – so regular exercise, a nutritious diet, cutting out stimulants and stress reduction techniques (relaxation, music, and laughter) are all vital in reducing nervous tension.

I will leave you with this timeless video that inspired the post and shows Jack Lalanne’s passion and excitement towards health, which is pretty inspiring in itself….


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