Kids With Electronic Devices In Their Room Get 1 Hour Less Sleep Every Night

The National Sleep Foundation has released some interesting data from their annual poll. The idea was that children may not be getting good sleep due to being disturbed by electronic devices in the room. This could range from television noise and mp3 players to getting text messages from friends.

What they found was that children with these devices interfering with their sleep may get nearly one hour less per night than children who don’t have those devices. It could be because they’ve left the devices on, such as falling asleep to music, but could also be watching TV or playing games up until bedtime.

Orfeau Buxton from Harvard Medical School states, “To ensure a better night’s sleep for their children, parents may want to limit their children using technology in their bedroom near or during bedtime.”

Considering that 72% of parents said that their children have at least one device in their room, this is definitely a nationwide issue. However, there is an easy solution. If parents set and enforce rules for electronic use around bedtime and remove devices from their room, the problem is instantly fixed.

Good health starts starts when we’re young.

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