What about Kombucha

Kombachu has been around a while. Only recently though have I seen it crop up all over the place with different varieties everywhere. So what exactly is the stuff? It is meant to improve our wellbeing, energise and improve digestion. First though a quick primer – Kombucha is a mix of Black Tea, Sugar and a Symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria.

During fermentation, the yeast breaks down the sugar in the mixture. After seven to 10 days of fermentation, the drink contains organic acids, tea, vitamin, sugars, and minerals, and packs a sourish party-in-your-mouth punch that tastes a heck of a lot more exciting than water. Many mixtures are low in calories and sugars, making the drink an attractive alternative to juices and soft drinks.

The fermentation is what eats up the sugars and makes the drink relatively low calorie/sugar which is a big selling point. So after the process is done you get a gut health promoting vitamin packed drink.

So you are getting a drink that will boost your energy thanks to the caffeine (from the tea) but does it do much else? Well its questionable, although as store bought Kombucha contains pro-biotics and pre-biotics they probably aren’t any more effective or in a high enough dose to do much. As well as this with all the main stream Kombachu products coming up now many are packed with sugar and are very expensive.

So our recommendation is to make your own! its pretty cool stuff and a nice side hobby that will keep you healthy and is cheap. Check out this awesome video for a how to…

So there we have it. Make your own if you can, add ginger and enjoy your fizzy, homemade health drink!


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