Leaning Out For Summer

We all want to a bit leaner for the summer right? it just feels better and its the time of the year when we are no longer wrapped up and the luckier amongst us hit the beach…

As summer approaches everyone is looking for a quick fix to lean out and be in better shape. This article is not aimed at getting you a quick fix, but rather to show you realistic and effective solutions that will help you get leaner and feel more energetic.

– Don’t Eat Less, Eat Cleaner. When it comes to leaning out it is the little things that make a difference – simply switching the majority of your carb intake to root vegetables (potatoes, squash, yams etc) and brown rice can lean you out. Especially if you are normally getting most of your calories from bread or other wheat products like pasta. Lots of fruit also helps me lean out and feel satiated. Eating the right fats is important too – this comes by avoiding prepackaged and restaurant foods and cooking your own food with unadulterated fats like olive oil, coconut oil and butter.

– Don’t Exercise More, Be More Active. When the weather improves we are more inclined to exercise and be active. This is a huge bonus as the extra activity will help lean you out. They key though is doing exercise that you actually want and feel like doing. When the weather improves and its hotter outside I actually enjoy running and can do sports outdoors again – this is the key in that you will be doing more exercise as a result of the season and not in preparation for summer.

Also walking is key when leaning out, by simply walking everywhere that you can (if you live in a city) you will find that you will not only feel better but will probably start to naturally lean out. As you probably know I am not a big fan of gyms so my key activities for keeping in shape are:
– Running
– Sports (whatever you play)
– Walking see the video below
– Bodyweight Circuits (at home or outdoors)
– Sprints and Hill Sprints
– Tabata Bodyweight Workouts – Really useful when on holiday and you are pushed for time, there is no better time efficient workout!

– Spend Time Outdoors. Sort of similar to the last point but it is important to emphasise spending time outdoors just taking in the fresh air. Whether it is walking or doing gardening the time you spend outdoors will be more active and stimulating than most the stuff you could do indoors. More and more research is showing that obesity is partly due to a ‘boring’ sedentary lifestyle with mindless activities like watching TV. If you are spending lots of time indoors use it to read, have conversations or watch something intellectually stimulating, anything that will get your brain working and using up glucose.

These tips are pretty simple to integrate into your lifestyle and with some help from the ZTF archives you can read up on many of these topics in more detail. These tips are just a start, something to give you ideas to work with.


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