4 Ways to Increase your Life Force

Editors Note: This is a guest post by Eric Hulse.

Thereʼs a deep energy that runs through our bodies. If you sit still and silent, you can almost feel it flowing nonstop.

This energy keeps our hearts beating, our creativity flowing, and our thoughts and emotions active.

Itʼs what allows us to breathe, explore, and set our intentions.

This energy is your life force.

Itʼs constantly moving through our bodies giving us life and energy.

Itʼs our own innate wisdom that guides our actions and behaviors.

When life force is high, we are vibrant, healthy, and focused!

However, when life force is low, we feel dull, sick, and disconnected.

There may be something blocking your life force from fully expressing itself which can eventually cause illness, depression, and stress.

Here are four ways to increase your life force to keep you healthy physically and mentally.


Mindfulness is the energy of awareness. When we are mindful, we stay in the present with our bodies and our breathe. We can clearly feel our life force and realize if it is flowing with positivity or not. Mindfulness also gives us the capacity to see and feel our emotions clearly and keeps us focused on whatʼs important in creating a beautiful life.


Gratitude is the expression of thanks. Often when our life force is low, we focus on whatʼs not going well in our lives. By switching your perspective to one that is gracious, you automatically feel the energy of love and contentment. Gratitude allows you to see all of the amazing things you have in life and brings your intention back to one of thanks.

Quality Nutrition

What we eat will eventually create the body we live in. Food is broken down into matter that builds our cells which form our blood, bones, muscles, and organs. By increasing high energy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables you will give your life force an environment that is clean and vibrant which will allow it to flow with ease.


Exercise is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. However, there are certain exercises that will help to increase your life force and give you the calm energy you need to handle any situation with focus and care. Slow moving exercises like yoga and tai chi actually help to build energy in the body without tearing it down causing more stress and a weaker life force. These exercises teach you to follow your breathe, stay present, and balance our your body from daily activities and intense weight lifting programs. Take the time to “work in” and opposed to working out.

Being aware of your life force is the first step to increasing its energy. Take a moment to realize how you feel. Are you energetic and joyful? If not, spend sometime with these four steps starting with mindfulness. Close you eyes, sit quietly, breathe, and feel your energy, your life force.


Eric Hulse is a Holistic Health and LIfestyle Coach and graduate of both the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and The C.H.E.K. Institute. He works to inspire others through his words and actions to live each day better then the last.

His approach to wellness focuses on our primal needs to eat REAL, NUTRITIOUS foods, create LOVING bonds with others, and to reduce stress through daily EXERCISE and SLEEP.

He is committed to helping you reclaim your health and to live a life you are proud of!

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