Make The Most Of Blueberries

The Season for Blueberries is nearly over and I hope you made the most of them over the summer. I decided to write this post as I have been eating some blueberries pretty much everyday this summer as they are cheap, in season and offer a myriad of health benefits. Check out some of the cool benefits and how I like to eat mine…….

Why are they so Good?

Well apart from tasting amazing and being low in sugar and extremely high in Fiber their health benefits are much more pro-found and they could possibly be one of the most beneficial fruits on earth.

Highest ORAC Score

They have the top ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score of all fresh fruits weighing in at a mighty 2400, this is a measure of how well our bodies absorb the anti-oxidants in food and blueberries come out on top. Meaning blueberries are our bodies most favored fruit or substance in terms of anti-oxidants which fight off toxins and keep our bodies healthy and energetic.

Brain Food

It has been shown that feeding mentally crippled middle aged rats blueberriesrestores their well being and opens up their fountain of youth. This is thanks to a compound in blueberries called Anthocyanin which is both an Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory which works specifically with the brain helping with prevention and cure of major diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Blueberries also have a pro-found effect on your brains neurons switching on old neurons and getting them to communicate again improving things like memory and co-ordination that declines with age. They will help you stay sharp and focused throughout the day making them a perfect breakfast food!

The Vision Fruit

Well thats what they are nicknamed as in Japan. This is thanks to their ability to reduce inflammation in the eyes reducing eyestrain and enhancing night vision. They also prevent degeneration of the retina so they could keep you from needing glasses in old age. So its no only carrots that make you see in the dark! So if you are someone who suffers from poor vision try eating some everyday for a few weeks and see if things improve…..

Creative Uses

I love to use Blueberries in a variety of ways, they are delicious to eat alone but here are a few ideas….

Blueberry Nut Mix

Take a punnet of blueberries and stick them in a bowl, mix in 1TBSP of Natural Peanut or Almond Butter and sprinkle them with some Dried Coconut and Pecans. Give it all a good mix and it makes a perfect breakfast or dessert.

Fruit Salad

I like to mix some Honeydew Melon and Blueberries in a simple fruit salad. I may give them a bit of Fresh Orange juice to add moisture. Its a really simple recipe that tastes great.

Mix them In

Mixing them into some Yoghurt or some Canned Pumpkin they add a really nice sweetness. Try adding some cinnamon and pecans as they are a perfect match for the berries and yoghurt.

Seasons Nearly Over

So get them while you can, Always try and buy local and fresh. Blueberries are possibly the best thing you can spend your money on they taste amazing and will keep you in great shape!

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