Megadose Vitamins is Optimum Nutrition

About forty-five nutrients are required in optimum quantities daily to maintain excellent health. If you tried to take each one in pure form and prepared a diet for each of them, it would be impossible to do. The complexity of the nutrition problem would tax the best computer. Fortunately, we do not need to plan our diets this way. Nature has already made the computations needed and provided whole unprocessed food. Your only personal requirement is to give preference to high-quality foods! Eliminate junk. If you cannot do that, or choose not to, you can take opti-doses of vitamins, the important ones among the forty-five nutrients we need. Opti-doses of vitamins are called megavitamins. They supplement what is eaten in case a no-junk diet is not being followed.

Megadosage of vitamins is one of the main treatment methods of holistic medicine. The holistic idea is that an imbalance is present for an individual when a vitamin is lacking. This is much more common than an imbalance resulting from an excess of any vitamin. Having too much of a vitamin is a rare occurrence. Water-soluble vitamins are readily excreted if more is present than is required. To ensure an optimum combination, the simplest way is to use slightly more vitamins.

I have talked with Dr. Cott about the two varying branches of psychiatry, orthomolecular and toximolecular. “Toximolecular psychiatry advocates the use of sublethal doses of agents not normally found in the body. Their use has not significantly improved patient recovery rates over that occurring naturally. The drugs used demand a terrible price from the patient in the form of incapacity to work and irreversible toxicity.

Orthomolecular psychiatry, on the other hand, emphasizes a system of treatment and not any one chemical. The mentally or physically ill person is given optimal amounts of materials that are necessary for good nutrition and optimal functioning-vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids. Dr. Cott says, “The patient should eliminate all junk foods, keep carbohydrates reasonably low, and eat a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables that are seasonally available. I believe it’s important to avoid red meat. Eat more chicken and fish. Try to obtain chicken and fruit and vegetables that are raised organically. Also follow a good vitamin regimen that includes modest doses of vitamins E, A, C, B complex, and a good multi-mineral. From time to time, a person should have an analysis of hair and blood because as one ages, the body tends to lose many of the nutrients-especially minerals. Supplements such as brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, lecithin and bone meal are useful in enriching the diet. ”

The orthomolecular program requires full patient participation in changing lifestyle and discontinuing faulty eating habits. Megadoses of the essential vitamins are required, and holistic physicians put their patients on mega vitamins to keep them in a normal state of super good health. Thus, mega vitamins become a part of the regular diet which is high in nutritional value for the individual.

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