More Reason to Avoid HFCS

I am sure most readers of this blog are aware of the dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup or HFCS which is in just about every soft drink around the world at the moment, its not only in Soft Drinks but it bombards the shelves in items like cakes, honey, cookies, and basically anything sweet. This stuff become available in the 1970′s as it was cheap to produce;

Until the 1970s most of the sugar we ate came from sucrose derived from sugar beets or sugar cane.  Then sugar from corn–corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, dextrine and especially high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)–began to gain popularity as a sweetener because it was much less expensive to produce.

With regards to fruit, the ratio is usually 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose, but most commercial fruit juices have HFCS added. Fruit contains fiber which slows down the metabolism of fructose and other sugars, but the fructose in HFCS is absorbed very quickly.

The fact that the stuff is absorbed so quickly is where we run into trouble, our bodies are far from adapted to handle the sudden rush of sugar that HFCS hits us with this not only sends Insulin levels Sky rocketing but pollutes our livers with artificial fructose clogging it up and leaving it useless for processing normal dietary carbohydrates. The liver normally acts as a buffer of sorts storing fructose which is slowly feeds to the brain for energy (this is why fruit which is full of fructose is fine to eat and the best source of carbohydrates)

New research is showing that Fructose Metabolism is even more complicated than we first thought; Our bodies and gene expression are triggered by the ingestion of carbohydrates hence insulin rises upon consuming them and falls at times we fast (overnight or during exercise) the problem comes when fructose not only triggers an insulin response but also sends signals to your body to create a fasted or fed environment:

“In order for fructose to be metabolized, the body has to create both fasted and fed conditions. The liver is really busy when you eat a lot of fructose.”

This cannot be good as it confuses the body and sends your hormones all over the place, and as we know controlling hormones is the key to a healthy weight and more importantly a healthy body.

Take Out Point

Keeping a healthy body is not hard, studies like this are starting to show why people are getting fatter and sicker; Its not due to natural foods like Eggs, Cheese, Butter, Meat and Fruit but rather due to the manufactured carbohydrates that are being touted as healthy.

Keeping your body hormonally balanced is all that is necessary to achieve good health if this means avoiding processed junk and sticking to a good diet of natural unprocessed food then so be it.

– Don’t eat anything that comes out of a box

– Eat Fruit and Vegtables with every meal

– Only eat Carbohydrates that can be grown, or are provided by nature. not made from flour

– Avoid liquid calories and drink water with lemon/lime and herbal tea’s

– Eat plenty of Healthy fats to stabilize blood sugar and nourish the body.

– Take your Cod Liver Oil

– Exercise Briefly but Intensely

– If eating sweet treats like cakes, buy high quality stuff from old fashioned bakers they are likely to be made from good old fashioned ingredients rather than modern junk.

So even though the nations consumption of Sweetened soft drinks is increasing you don’t have to be one of those people, also don’t be fooled into thinking Pepsi RAW is good for you….

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