Older Fathers Linked To Higher Mental Illness Risk In Births

It’s always said that women should give birth when they’re younger to lessen the chance of birth defects, but a study has now yielded the same goes for men. Men who are 45 or older contribute to a higher risk in autism, bipolar disorder, ADHD and schizophrenia compared to those born to younger fathers.

This finding is based off of data from Sweden which has been compiled since the 1970′s covering around 2.6 million births. The research found that men who are 45 or older are more than 25 times likely to have children with mental health issues.

There are some issues with the study as an older father is also a good indicator that there is an older mother, however, an Icelandic study found that for every year the father gets older, the more their sperm degrades and the likelihood of mutations to be passed on.

While more research is needed, it still stands that men also need to consider their age when thinking about having children.

(via Reuters)

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