Power Workouts – Limited Time & Space

Recently the idea of workouts that can be done with limited time, space and equipment have been something that has come to mind. Mainly as we all find ourselves short on time, space and lacking the equipment to do a proper workout – making it essential to have the knowledge that creates a workout that can be done within these constraints.

Sure there are many workouts that we can do like Tabata’s or 1 Minute’s but these are just short variations of workouts to make things more exciting. Essentially though we are able to create short circuits of functional and effective exercises that we can throw together for a slightly more consuming workout when space and equipment, something you feel as if something has been achieved.

The basic premise is a circuit from the power circuit is to pick 6 functional and dynamic exercises that you power through for 30 seconds with as short a break as possible (under 30 seconds) for a total of 3-4 rounds. The only equipment you need is a timer/watch to let you when to start and stop working out.

The article shows some pretty advanced exercises and while they are great movements they are a little tough. You can pick anything you like but I would suggest doing two lower body exercises. two upper body exercises and two compound abdominal exercises. For instance:

  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Pushups
  • Prisoner Lunges
  • Pullups
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Ab Walk Out

That’s just an example, feel free to play around with the exercises – focusing on functional full body movements that will get the heart rate up and force your metabolism to start working efficiently burning fat and building muscle. It is important to work hard enough for the 30 seconds you are actually doing the exercise – not in terms of just going for quantity but actually controlling and doing each repletion and movement properly.

This is something that cannot be emphasised enough, especially when doing high intensity workouts – people seem to get the idea that high intensity gives them the permission to bang out rep after rep without attention to detail. The reps that are done slowly with precision are the ones that activate the muscle deeply and trigger an after burn effect boosting the metabolism for hours after the workout is over.

Enjoy the workout. Take your time with each exercise and repetition and reap the benefits.


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