Reasons To Go Fluoride Free….

I am sure you have heard of Fluoride before. The stuff in toothpaste that is supposed to keep cavities at bay and our teeth healthy. Well its time to re-consider as flouride has a definite darkside which could be reeking havoc on our general health.

Fluoride is an organic compound which we find in nature, in fact it is part of sea water in very small quantities and in even smaller quantities in fresh water supplies. Although fluoride is found naturally in “nature” we can safely live without it and it is far from an essential mineral like sodium or potassium.

The problem these days is that flouride is being pumped into most drinking water in the USA and these scheme is set to be rolled out across the world in order to promote better dental health. Not only this but every single commercial toothpaste around today contains huge amounts of fluoride. You see, fluoride is a well known thyroid inhibitor and often given to Hyperthyroid patients as an Anti-Thyroid medication, most amazingly though it only takes doses of around 1mg or less to have an anti-thyroid effect. This is because Fluoride fights for absorption with Iodine which is essential for thyroid health and normally wins the battle and therefore inhibits the thyroids function.

If the average person brushes their teeth twice daily with fluoride containing toothpaste plus drinks a few glasses of fluoridated water the daily dose is getting to a level at or above the 1mg prescribed to inhibit thyroid function. To add further insult to injury taking in too much fluoride specifically via toothpaste can even cause Dental Fluorosis which is from too much fluoride…..

Truth be told the case against fluoride goes on and on, the thyroid inhibiting effects are more than enough evidence. Especially when you take into account many many people are running around with low thyroid function as it is…..

I have included a video from Sean over at UGWellness which I really like. He runs over some of the toxic effects of fluoride. (skip to about 1:00 for the fluoride talk)


I highly recommend checking out the video if you need more evidence to stop using fluoride. It is especially important for people with young children as they are most vulnerable to the thyroid inhibiting effects and toxicity of fluoride as they are still growing and developing their glandular systems.

Two Simple Changes…..

The first and most effective thing to do is stop using toothpaste that contains fluoride. This means buying any toothpaste that is fluoride free, you will probably find that most health food stores offer these products and Tom’s of Maine has been bought out so their stuff is widely available. If you are in the UK I really like AloeDent toothpaste which is a great product and I find works better than conventional toothpaste for keeping fresh.

The next thing to do is check if your water supply is fluoridated. If it is consider installing a water filter that blocks fluoride or drinking bottled water, watch out when buying the filter though as many do not block fluoride (take Brita for instance). If you are lucky enough to be in a fluoride free zone then feel free to drink tap water…..

There is no need to become an avid fluoride avoider as this will make normal living hard, but by just avoiding fluoridated water and brushing teeth with natural products you could save yourself a lot of trouble.

Thanks for reading this short post, and hopefully it will give you some knowledge on improving your health with Simple changes…..

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