Recent Study Shows Eating Avocado Benefits Weight Loss

A recent study by the Nutrition Journal (funded by Hass Avocado Board) found that eating avocados benefits weight loss. Researchers reported that adding half an avocado to your lunch decreased a desire to snack following the fruit’s consumption by 40 percent. There was also an increase in satisfaction feelings compared to the meals eaten without avocado. The tests were done with 26 healthy overweight adults who ate breakfast and reported their appetite sensations at random times for 5 hours after their meal.

Snacking on unhealthy foods in between meals would definitely contribute to weight gain so feeling more satisfied after eating a balanced, healthy meal would be highly advantageous in a desire to lose pounds. The avocado is an incredibly nutrient-dense fruit that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals and low in sugar, so it only makes sense that it would fulfill many of our nutrition needs in a good way.

Nicki Ford, director of Hass Avocado Board said: “These research findings provide support for the emerging benefits of avocados. These results further complement our research efforts in weight management and diabetes as well as our continued work to explore the many benefits that fresh avocados have to offer when consumed in everyday healthy eating plans.”

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