Schools Are Still Marketing Junk Food To Students

JAMA Pediatrics just published a study which showed that most US elementary, middle, and high school students attend schools where they are exposed to commercial efforts aimed at obtaining food or beverage sales or developing brand recognition and loyalty for future sales. The research was done to determine trends in school-based commercialism from 2007-2012 and although certain measures showed significant decreases over time (beverage vending), most students were still attending schools in 2012 that were benefiting from promotion of unhealthy products.

The findings pointed out that the percentage of exposure significantly increased with age and students who attended schools in lower economic areas tended to receive more marketing as well.

Conclusions showed that schools are still promoting posters and advertisements for junk food or using food coupons as incentives, and it was determined that there is a need for clear, enforceable standards for the nutritional content of all food and beverages marketed to students in school settings.

(via JAMA Pediatrics)

Photo by USDA

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