Shortcuts To A Beach Body This Summer

With summer here we are all keen to achieve a beach body. As you have probably been training all year it feels good to get yourself into prime shape for the beach and it can be done simply with a few simple tips I’m going to share. It won’t mean hours in the gym or a obsessive diet, rather it will come down to easy ways to improve your physique in a matter of weeks.

1. Volumize Training – One thing I find important in getting beach ready is to do some volume training in the weeks running up to the holiday. I would suggest aiming for a total of 40-80 reps per major body part once a week.
Normally year round I tend to go for total body workouts Power Law Training Style and these do a good job in keeping me in good shape while getting gym time down. On the flip-side its hard to build any type of bulk on these workouts and the harsh truth is that a more meathead style workout is needed to build a “Superhero” looking physique.
Try to hit the gym 2-4 times a week doing workouts that will take no longer than 30 minutes. I like the following split: Back/Shoulders/Biceps – Quads/Chest/Triceps then repeat so you should be able to get these workouts in 2-4 times a week.
I would also suggest following them up with some cardio HIIT intervals for 10 minutes this will help shred off the remaining fat whilst keeping your gym time under the hour mark.

2. NEPA – Which quite simply means ‘Non Exercise Physical Activity’ once you ramp this up you will notice two things. Firstly you will be eating less as you will be too busy doing stuff and keeping yourself busy. Secondly NEPA does a darn good job at aiding in recovery and getting rid of the last bit of stubborn fat. The best way in my opinion to get in your NEPA is to walk everywhere you can, add in some gardening, long walks with friends/family or DIY and you have yourself some all important constructive activity that simply gets you moving and keeps your body in active mode.

3. Sport – This is something key as it will allow you to get into great shape without even realizing. You have probably noticed that people who engage in sports regularly tend to be ripped and have muscular bodies. Just look at someone like Andy Roddick who lifts weights and is playing a sport for a few hours each day. He has achieved a solid physique while having fun.
Try to take up something like tennis, rock-climbing, squash, kickboxing or soccer and play them a few times a week if you can (2-3 sessions is ideal) this is the shortcut to a great body as you will be burning calories, breaking a sweat and enjoying yourself without even realizing. And that is the key to a great body!
Anyone can go to the gym and slog away on the crosstrainer but believe me this is not the route to happiness or a sense of fulfillment. A great body takes time in the gym to lift weights but the rest of the hard work should be done while having fun playing sports with friends and breaking a sweat the good old fashioned way. If you can get a few hour long activities a week that is great and will get you on your way!

4. Food – Keep nutrition simple, stay away from processed foods and enjoy eating by slowing down and taking pleasure in each bite. I am a big fan of a paleo style diet to stay lean all year round. So have a look into a diet consisting of Lean Meat, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds and Fruit with some dairy based products on the side. Steer clear of packaged foods and things like bread, pasta, too many potatoes and any type of processed sugar. You can also check out these articles for some nutrition tips

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So by keeping your diet simple you will find fat will burn off and muscle will be built in no time…..

5. Little Tips that Help – Well here is the last paragraph and some small tips that I have found help when achieving that beach body:

– Don’t eat for 2 hours before bed
– Just Drink water for 30-60 minutes after a workout
– Start the day with a coffee and have another pre-workout
– Do as much as you can to optimize sleep
– Easier said than done but keep stress levels down

Most importantly stay busy and don’t obsess over achieving a certain ideal with your body as much as we would like it to perfection doesn’t exist. If you can manage to keep yourself involved in something bigger than yourself like a project at work or a personal project while following the advice above I think you will find that results will come far quicker and with less stress. Enjoy the process and the outcome will follow!

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