Simple And Fresh Workout Ideas

While summer is still here I thought it would be good to post up some fresh new workouts that you can do in or out of the gym. They are nothing special but can serve as inspiration to get in some intense and effective workouts in place.

Push-Pull Basics

I am sure you have heard of a Push-Pull routine which is usually a chest and back workout in the gym. This is going to cover how to do a simple Push-Pull workout without any equipment but a Pull-up bar or branch of a tree that you can use as a Pull-Up bar. Its pretty simple really just set aside 15 minutes and go for:

– 5 Pushups

– 3 Pull-Ups

Keep alternating the two with as little rest as you can for 15 minutes. Once that is over fill the last 5 minutes with some stretching and muscle tensing/Self-Resistance work like that found here….. I also like to finish off workouts with 30 star jumps to get blood flowing around the body.

Sprint Jump Workout

This is another favorite of mine and again can be done simply with no equipment and shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. Firstly warm up as sprinting can hit pretty hard at first so make sure your muscles are limbered up and ready to go. try and do a few BW squats and shoulder rolls. Next aim for:

– 5 Sets of Sprints (Each until you significantly slow down)

– Each set to be followed by 5 Jumping Squats

– And if you can 3 Explosive Push-Ups (Or 3 normal one’s)

Again pretty simple but its a great workout that will have you feeling smoked in a short amount of time. A tip for the sprinting it to really go all out, practice pumping your arms and imagine something or someone is chasing you to up the intensity. I know it sounds silly but it really works!

Simple Gym Workout

Recently I re-discovered an old favorite exercise of mine that I picked up a few years back when I was into HIT workouts from the school of Arthur Jones, there is a great book on it which is well worth picking up its not only full of great stories but has a good case for short intense workouts……

Arthur Jones HIT

Anyhow the exercise is the old school DB Pull-Over and its probably the best chest, back and ab shaper you can get. Sure it won’t build bulk but it does a great job expanding your rib cage, working the core deeply and hitting pretty much the whole upper body. So give the following a go:

– 12 Reps of Front Squats

– 8-12 DB Pullover’s

Do this for 5 rounds and you’re done. If both are done with proper form you will be feeling it the next day. Try and keep rest times down and the workout will be quick and extremely effective at adding size. If you need help with either of these exercises then try and get a trainer to show you some proper form or checkout the video below:


This is because these are both pretty advanced exercises and although they maybe hard to learn at first it will pay-off as they are great tools to have in your arsenal. Also make sure you get a deep stretch on the Pull-Over’s as this is the key to getting good results.

After Work At Home Workout

This is something I came up with a while ago to do after coming home from work in your living room. Its pretty simple and takes about 10 minutes but will get blood flowing and make you feel invigorated after a long day sitting at the desk! Just dind some space in your living room and go for the following:

– 10-20 Pushups

– 30 BW Squats

– 20 Sit-Ups

– 30 Star Jumps

Simple as that, repeat this routine 3 times with as little rest as possible and you have a pretty good little workout that is over so quick you hardly feel like you have done one. Its great for busy days where going to the gym is hard, or its great for those road warriors who are stuck in hotel rooms and have no time or equipment. I find its best to do when you are feeling a bit hungry that’s why its great when getting home from work before you start cooking dinner. Its also a great little workout for first thing in the morning!

So there you have it 4 Simple and effective workouts which are quick and require minimal equipment. Give them a try and feel free to tweak them as you please, get creative!

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