Simple Posture and Detox…..

 want to grow old gracefully, I want to have good posture, I want to be healthy….

A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind. Morihei Ueshiba

I believe that posture plays an all important role in your mental as well as physical well-being. How many times have you heard from people that the reason for your back ache is your posture? But somehow everyone equates that issue only to the habit of slouching. Of course that’s something that needs to be paid attention to. But there are so many other aspects that go unnoticed.

If you look at yourself in the mirror with keen attention, you will begin to notice those small hardly noticeable posture imbalances.

Do you stand with your weight on the ball of your foot majority of the time? Are your heels under more stress than the rest of your foot?

Do you tend to lean towards one side only weighing on one of your feet? Is one of your shoulders constantly lower than the other?

All these and many other such habits over a long period can cause muscle weakness and shortening. Imagine the amount of stress you’re placing on your body by being in an unnatural asymmetric posture for long periods!

I was deliberating more on the effects it can have on your mental health though. I have been noticing great leaders, visionaries, or selfless workers and most of them have a dignity and charisma about their personality. None of them have a poor posture! I believe your body expresses your mental state. Confusion, low self esteem and lack of self awareness will show on your body just like determination, clarity of thought and calmness do. Of course stress causes you to breathe shallow which in turn causes poor posture and sometimes the link is different. But they’re all inter-related.

I have been practicing yoga and it has helped me immensely to improve my posture and there’s a difference, both inside and out! I not only feel so much better about myself, my heels hurt lesser and my back feels stronger.

So today, walk with your feet firm on the ground in each step, a straightened elongated spine, head held highopen chest and feel strong in your core. Ahh…feels great to be the owner of this body..doesn’t it?

This was short guest post from Megha at Just the Basics. I have also included a segment on lymphatic drainage I wrote on her site a while ago and thought would benefit the readers who haven’t seen it:

I want to share a great basic tip I learnt from a Naturopath. It is a method of flushing or draining the lymphatic system which is hugely important to improving immune function and allowing us to absorb fat and protein from our diets. The lymphatic system runs right through your body with nodes everywhere, they are especially concentrated around the chest.

The lymphatic system and the lymph capillaries helps in getting oxygen and nutrients to the cells by removing dead cells, poisons, toxins, and excess water from the tissue spaces around the cells. All of our body tissue cells are bathed in this fluid or water derived from our bloodstream. Blood is about 92 percent water. In 24 hours 42 pints of the fluid passes from the bloodstream through the capillaries into the body tissues.

This is pretty amazing and shows just how important the Lymphatic System really is. Sure we can get it going through movement like running and lifting weights but sometimes we need to give it some kind of a kickstart.

  • Rinse yourself under the shower for 30 seconds with water as hot as you can tolerate.
  • Immiedietly rinse yourself with water as cold as you can tolerate for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat Three times ending on a cold rinse.
  • The three to one ratio is very important for this to work effectively and the water must hit the whole body.

This causes the lymphatic system to contract and gives its pumps a boost that will help it do what it does best. The flush is especially good for older people who cannot move as much as they would like or those recovering from illness. Try it for yourself, give your lymphatic system a boost you will feel a great rush of vitality….

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