Simple Tips For Healthy Skin

If you want to keep your skin healthy and blemish free its really pretty simple. Fortunately I was never one to have suffered with troublesome skin except for a few years in my teens. Keeping skin healthy really comes down to a few key things which provided you keep consistent will keep your skin nourished year round.

Start the Day with a Wash

Its a good idea to start the day with a good face wash with some natural soap. I like Dr Bronners as it really cleans deep and is very refreshing in the morning. This will help wash out the toxins and oils your skin has produced overnight leaving your pores clean and ready to start the day. If you suffer with dry skin don’t hesitate to use some moisturizer after washing to keep things supple.

Drink Up

I have written before about hydration and while I do not feel its nececcary to drown yourself in water I do think we should drink enough. So especially this time of year when its hot outside be sure to keep hydrated with 6-8 large glasses of water a day. Again avoid drinking with meals as it can hinder digestion. Get your main water in the morning and in between eating, Herbal teas throughout the day are a good idea and I find drinking green tea with meals helps digestion plus the anti-oxidants do your skin a world of good. Keeping hydrated keeps your skin elastic and gives your body something to work with when going about its various jobs.

Get Some Sun

Vitamin D is hugely important for our skin as well as just about everything else. What’s the best way to get it? Through sitting in the sun of course…..

Boosting levels of vitamin D could cut the incidence of breast cancer by a quarter, bowel cancer by a third and it should be offered to the population as part of a public health drive, scientists say.

The finding is based on a review of 2,750 research studies involving vitamin D, sometimes called “bottled sunshine”, which show that taking daily supplements of the vitamin could do more for cancer prevention than a library full of lifestyle advice.

The sun may be our best protection against cancer as well as a great way to keep your skin looking healthy, supple and nourished.

Don’t Scrub Too Often

I find exfoliating once or twice a month to beneficial but some people go overboard. If you scrub your skin too much you will rid yourself of all the good oils which allow your skin to regenerate. Therefore take it easy on the scrubbing and when you do always moisturize afterwards to replenish your skin.

Good Fats

Keep your intake of good fats high. This will allow your skin to maintain its elasticity, try to take a good Omega 3 supplement as well as eating things like raw dairy, raw nuts and avocado’s regularly.

5 Best Healthy Fats

Keep consistent with these foods and watch your skin’s health improve in no time. Another key to good skin is to limit your sugar consumption if you are someone who still regularly binges on sugary foods then give this a go it’s likely to make the most profound difference.

Skin Healthy Vitamins

Anti-Oxidants are something that show a huge amount of promising signs when it comes to skins well-being.

“There is a lot of important new research showing tremendous power of antioxidants in general, and in some specific nutrients in particular that can make an important difference in the way your skin looks and feels — and even in how well it ages,”

This to me shows the importance of a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Especially things like berries and green leafy veg. As for supplements a good anti-oxidant formula would be a good idea especially vitamins C and E which are vital to skin health. Vitamin A is also very important for your skin and the best way to get this is through some good old fashioned Cod Liver Oil.

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