Simple ways to drop sugar from your diet

Sugar is Evil

I am not talking about the sugar we get from natural food sources like fruit, vegetables and honey but rather the cane sugar, High fructose corn syrup and other refined sugars. This stuff is everywhere and is hard to avoid unless you are in the know of which foods are loaded with it. This excerpt from Pay Now Live Later points out the sugar we should be avoiding;

Before I go any further there is another distinction it’s very important to make, one which many people are not clear on. ‘Sugar’ is not the same as ‘sugars’. The nutritional listing on food packaging will often break down the Carbohydrate component further by stating ‘of which sugars’ and giving a value. Sugars are a family of substances naturally occurring in food that could also be called ‘Simple Carbohydrates’. Examples of sugars are glucose and fructose, which commonly exist together in varying proportions in fruit. Since the word ‘Sugar’ is the singular of ‘sugars’, it would be appropriate to refer to fructose as ‘a sugar’. However, the word ‘Sugar’ when not preceded by the word ‘a’ typically refers to a particular form of sugar that is produced in a refinery and therefore should more properly be named ‘refined sugar’.

For a comprehensive list of reasons sugar is evil have a look here…………

1. No more Soft Drinks

All drinks like Coke, Gatorade, Sprite, 7up, Tango, Fanta and Pepsi are loaded with sugar some containing upto 40 grams of pure liquid sugar a can. This will send your blood sugar levels through the roof causing you to crash from that initial energy high in no time. As well as this they are totally unnecessary for that can of Coke you could have eaten two apple’s or bananas which would have given you some nutrition and actually allowed you to have the sensation of chewing!

Solution: Drink water, if you must have the occasional diet soft drink and learn to love herbal teas

2. Sweeteners

If you add a few sugars to your coffee, then ditch it learn to enjoy your coffee black, If you add sugar to your tea do the same thing ditch it. If you really enjoy your slightly sweetened coffee or tea their are good natural alternatives like Xylitol which is a product I love. It has a Low GI and half the calories of Sugar, on top of this it is 100% natural and just as sweet. You can find it readily at any health stores or whole foods. For tea there is another way which is adding a tablespoon full of honey this will provide some sweetness while giving some nutrition.

Solution: Drink it black or look into Xylitol, Stevia or Honey

3. Cut Down on Starch and Grains

Carbohydrates from things like bread, pasta, and potatoes are essentially sugar to your body. Obviously they are not as damaging as HFCS or Raw Sugar they still have a similar effect on the body by sending Insulin levels up and blunting fat burning. In essence these foods do not taste especially good and are surprisingly easy to cut down on for instance:

  •  A normal breakfast of cereal can be replaced by a high fiber/high protein breakfast of a pot of yoghurt with some almonds and fruit.
  • A lunch time sandwich can be replaced by a salad or if your eating out and about throw off the top slice of bread from your deli sandwich.
  • Learn to cut your pasta 50/50 with salad and vegetables you will be surprised at how much difference it will make to the taste while providing you with a host of benefits. NYT ran a great article on this a while back.
  • In restaurants limit how much bread you eat before a meal (if they put it on the table). This will not only cut down your carb intake but will leave you looking forward to the food once it comes, allowing you to really enjoy your main meal.

4. Learn to snack well

Snacking well is easy, but with the temptations of mass marketed apparently healthy snack’s its getting more and more confusing. I will put it in a nutshell if you feel like snacking only grab the following foods:

  • Dried Fruit and Nut Mixes
  • Handfuls of Nuts
  • A Piece of fruit
  • Beef Jerky
  • Vegetables (great to dip in salsa)

Stay away from other bars, confectionary and supposedly healthy snacks because 99% of the time they are far from healthy. Plus it will save you a lot of money.

Try to Follow these rules for at least a week

If these things are in anyway new to you then count reading this as a god send. I challenge you to try this for a week even just your 5 day work week and see how much better you feel. You will notice your mood and energy will be far more stable and your cravings for sugary things will slowly drop.

To me this is basic information but it shocks me how many people load themselves with sugar all day long and do not realize it. Its so easy to drop this stuff out of your diet and the benefits are huge!

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