Some Morning Vitality Habits

First Thing

I like to start the day with a large glass of water, I try to make it at room temperature and drink it as soon as I get up. This will help flush and re-hydrate your insides and get things flowing for the day. After this I start boiling the kettle and will usually go for a Yerba Mate Tea.

I love this stuff and plan to do a post on it very soon. Its been a staple for me for a few years now. I love the way it clears the airways and opens me up giving a relaxed type of energy rather than the strong kick of even an espresso. I drink it from an Ultimate Bombilla (available from yerbamatecafe) and sometimes opt for a small spoon of honey inside to make it a ‘Dolce Mate’ the taste is terrific and it keeps me going until breakfast usually a couple of hours later…….

Some days I will skip the Yerba Mate and opt for something like a Mint tea, Nettle tea or Rooibos tea. Either way I like to start the day with a hot cup of tea, sometimes Squeezing in Half a Lemon is very refreshing.

Breakfast Rolls Around

On days I don’t workout I like a light breakfast. Usually just fruit and nuts but this really depends on my appetite as if I’m hungry I’ll eat. A favorite of mine is a plate of blueberries mixed with some buts and a small TBSP of ground flax, for an amazing treat mix in a TBSP of peanut butter I got this trick from Craig Ballantyne and boy does it taste amazing. I’ve stuck in a picture below trust me it tastes better than it looks….

This mini breakfast is best enjoyed with a fresh black coffee. That’s another thing for me getting Organic coffee makes all the difference I know that Poliquin regards Organic Coffee and Butter as two of the most important things to buy organic and I really agree with him. It tastes totally different to regular coffee and gives a fresh boost rather than jittery energy. So I recommend you go out of your way to look for a local fresh and Organic ground coffee distributor in your area. This Breakfast will normally last me through until lunch when I have something more substantial. Nuts and fruit give a potent mix of Anti-Oxidants good fat and slow releasing energy from the Fibre and Good Fats in the nuts. The coffee compliments it especially well as it cuts the sweet taste and makes each bite taste better.

Stretching and Body Weight

After Vic’s great guest post yesterday I thought I would outline my light morning routine I do most days I have time, its more of a relaxation routine that gets me limbered up and awakens me for the day.

First comes some light stretching mainly my chest and shoulders. After this I will do a few sets of 20-30 pushups and maybe some BW squats. This isn’t meant to be a workout rather a wake up call for my body. I also like to lye down for 5 minutes and focus on getting my breathing right for the day, deep breaths into the belly at a slow controlled pace to setup good breathing for the day…..

Weeks Reading

This is a post with some morning vitality habits I have gotten into the habit of doing over the years, hopefully you can pickup a thing or two from the pictures and descriptions. I’m going to plug some cool stuff I have read this week:

– 5 Random Nutrition Thoughts

– The CrossFit Balboa Blog

– Keith @ Theory to Practice does a great Critique and interesting Discussion

– Some Food pics from Free the Animal

Also I would love to hear about any readers Vitality Habits or little things they do to keep fit…..

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