Some Summer Fitness Tips

Now that summer is well on its way things are changing, days are longer and food is different making it easier yet more exciting to stay fit. I am going to post a few tips that I find apply specifically to summer and can help you get or stay in great shape with little effort.

1 – Eat Fresh

Food changes in the summer, the real tasty stuff comes into season and its easier to get hold of. Think things like Blueberries, Strawberries, Peaches and Apricots. All of these wonderful low sugar fruits will be in abundance over the next few months. Make sure your stocking up on them and making them your main source of nutrients. The great thing about these fruits is that they are some of the highest in anti-oxidants yet some of the lowest in carbohydrate, allowing you to eat a large volume without consequence. Another great summer fruit is Watermelon which is a favorite of mine on a hot afternoon or after a workout the beauty of it is how it hydrates and nourishes at the same time…..

Eating Real Food

The same goes for Vegetables so many fresh options available its a great time to make some Salsa, hummus or Guacamole and get dipping. Vegetable dips are a  healthy starter or snack that everyone loves especially when combined with nuts and olives they make for a great way to wet the appetite. Eating a good fresh diet will not only save you money but bypass your need for any multi-vitamin supplements…..

2- Morning Workouts

I know a lot of the readers are already fans of fasted workouts but if you haven’t gotten into them then the summer is the perfect time to start.

5 Reasons to Workout Fasted

I love  getting up drinking a coffee, waiting for the adrenaline to kick in and then hit the road for a moderate intensity workout. I do these a few times a week, sometime they will be runs with sprints thrown in. Other times they will be Body weight circuits or sprints. There’s something amazing about getting up on a hot summer’s morning and just getting outside while everything is quiet. The tranquility makes for a relaxing and refreshing workout which will have carry on benefits throughout the day.

Even just getting up in the morning and going for a long walk is a great way to start the day. This is especially good if you have a dog. I also like to spend long walks listening to my favorite podcast or inspiring talks and audio, check out the Zencast…..

3- Stay Fit With Friends

Working out with friends and family is especially easy in summer. Why not hit the gym with a freind over the weekend you will find that it serves as extra motivation and gives you one of your best workouts in a while. If it’s a nice day on the weekend why not call up a buddy with simular interests and go for a outdoor run, followed by a meal. Its a great way to bond, stay fit and enjoy some time socialising.

Alternatively taking up a sport is a great idea over the summer. If you have never tried your hand at tennis there is no better time to start than this summer. Just rent out a court with a freind and go hit some balls, even if you both don’t know what your doing you will still have a blast!

If your lucky enough to live near some wildlife or trails organize some small trek’s with your freinds or family. Head out early, pack some food and get out and enjoy nature. There is not better way to relax on a sunny afternoon.

4- Relax in the Sun

Whenever you have the opportunity get outdoors and soak up the sun. Well before I knew about how good the sun was for us I would try to spend as much time in it as I could. I guess our instincts lure us towards it. The sun is amazing it can cure diseases, replenish your vitamin D stores and make you feel good.

Vitamin D Why and How

I read an interesting article a few years back in which recommended getting outdoors with your shirt off every opportunity you have on a hot and sunny day. This is partly thanks to our main absorption of the sun and its benefits coming through our shoulder area. Although this advice may seem a bit extreme I am convinced we would all be in better health if we spend at least 30 minutes (without sun screen) in the sun every couple of days. Of course we don’t al have this luxury due to the climates we live in, but if you have the opportunity go for it!

Here is a great article I came across on the importance of Vitamin D and the host of benefits it gives (the comments are very interesting too) Since all this research has come out I have been sticking to 2,000IU per day along with some Cod Liver Oil on occasion. This should keep me topped up until I can get some consistant sun Exposure.

If you guys have any suggestions or special summer fitness tips please comment or shoot me a twitter…..

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