Sometimes You Just Gotta Hit The Road

Healthy Mind and Body

2008 and 2009 seem to be the generation of high intensity short and quick workouts. They are what seem to be capturing the world of fitness and with good reason! Things like HIIT, Tabata Intervals and Weight Training Circuits produce phenomenal results. You only have to look at the amazing shape the crossfit gang are in to realize that short and intense workouts are amazingly effective:

– They Produce unrivaled levels of Growth Hormone helping you stay younger and fitter.

– High Intensity Weight training can increase fat burning for hours after workouts. Burning more calories and triggering growth of lean muscle mass

-They are far less time consuming than normal cardio. You could get a great workout in under 15 minutes with routines like this….

All being said I am writing this post as I feel that old fashioned fitness methods are being unfairly neglected. They should have their place in everyone’s fitness regime.

Its called cardio for a reason and it trains your body differently to any other kind of high intensity workouts, by getting you heart pumping for a pro-longed period of time. Enough time in fact to release solid levels of feel good endorphins as well as get your blood flowing properly around your body; flushing toxins and invigorating the lymphatic system through the improved breathing it induces.

This has not been written from a scientific perspective but rather through feeling the body and how it reacts to exercise. Do you remember the high you used to get playing sports at school/college. That rush of feel good energy that would fill your veins while running around playing games as a kid? I am convinced that is why people still run and the streets are filled with joggers. To get that feel good rush through your body through a 15 minute weights circuit is impossible, there just isn’t enough flow.

Whereas this great feeling can be achieved through listening to some of your favorite music and hitting the road for 25 minutes. If your ever feeling anxious, worried, depressed grab your gym shoes and hit the road I guarantee you’ll come back feeling better.

Running is a movement that humans developed and evolved to do, not for long periods of time but short steady runs are very natural. And Beneficial to Health:

  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Psychological  benefits; Less stress and more feel good
  • Improved Coordination
  • Better blood flow
  • Improved bone health

Running is an extremely useful way of clearing your mind of distractions and focusing on problems that need to be solved. I think its the combination of physical exertion, time alone and the great outdoors, but I find it gives me more perspective on life, and the ability to not worry about things so much.

What I Propose?

Well this is where is gets interesting I challenge anyone who hasn’t been on a run in a while to hit the road twice this week for just 25 minutes. Feel free to get creative; throw in some sprints, drop and do 20 pushups but still try to develop some rhythm with your run allow it to flow and experience the feel good energy it will give you.

While I love short intense workouts with either body weight circuits or Power Law Training in the gym, short and invigorating run’s are still something amazing and should not be totally dropped in favor of resistance training. Also if your lucky enough to live somewhere with sun at this time of year you can make the most of the freely available Vitamin D……

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