4 Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Whilst we may not all play sports, we are all susceptible to sports injuries. Here we have four common sports injuries and how to deal with them in the most simple and effective ways. Please note these are not be all and end all solutions but rather advice from personal experience…

1. Pulled Muscles – Neck, Shoulder, Bicep, and Calves muscles are especially susceptible. Pulled muscles are pretty easy to prevent by doing one thing – Warm Up Your Body Before Exercise.

Simple as having a short run, doing some jumping jacks and generally getting a slight heat up of the body before going into full flowing exercise. Whether that means having a run around before starting to play a sport, walking before you run when going for a jog or doing some jumping jacks before your home workout it must be done. Warming up does not have to be long but doing enough to get your muscles prepared for what you have in store for them is emportant if you want to avoid pulled muscles…

2. Ankle Strains – Prevent through ankle mobilisation. Ankles are easily strained, pulled and over worked – they are especially important to mobilise due to the amount of intricate muscles and tendons that function to move in the ankles various ranges of movement. As well as this we should take special care to keep the mobile as once injured or damaged ankles are often never quite the same (many athletes will attest to this)

Simple ankle rolling and up and down movements with the feet whilst pointing out the feet will help before starting exercise, a few rolls for each foot will do the trick. I thought this Ankle mobilisation technique from Eric Cressey was pretty cool…

3. Tennis Elbow – Is a funny one as you don’t need to play tennis to have tennis elbow. It is a bracket term for any type of ligament/tendon inflammation on the elbow area – it can be caused by carrying heavy bags, playing tennis, golf or anything that puts strain on the elbows.

Often by dealing with tight forearms can also help, especially as you age and your arms in the elbows, and forearms start to shorten – Tom Furman videos are great and this one may help you out if you have issues with tennis elbow and other lower arm injuries..

4. Lower Back Strain – Probably the most common sports injury. SO many people struggle with niggling lower back pain, and the solution is hard to pinpoint. Saying this there are a few things we can all do to help prevent lower back problems by strengthening the area.

  • Doing Ab Work (Planks, Crunches etc…) is often one of the best ways to strengthen the surrounding muscles and prevent lower back injury.
  • Mobilising the lower back before exercise and in the morning through hip rolls, cat stretches and various other lower back movements…
  • Lowering stress – It sounds odd but there is often a correlation between lower back pain and stress. Once people integrate meditation, get enough sleep and fix relationships a lot of lower back niggles disappear.
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