The Best Supersets For The Gym

When heading to the gym its best to be efficient with your sets and exercises so that you can maximise the benefits without wasting time in the gym.

Some exercises especially compounds allow you to work a huge proportion of your body in only one movement, take for example:

  • Dumbell Squats (Legs/Upper Back)
  • Pushups/ DB Press (Chest/Shoulders/Back)
  • Pullups (Back, Shoulders, Abs)
  • Deadlifts (Back, Hips, Legs)

The exercises above are just a small proportion but go to show how they can strenuously work your major muscles while also taxing your smaller muscles like Biceps, Triceps and a host of other stabilising muscles. Even better once you superset the exercises you work the Cardiovascular portion of your body ramping up your metabolism and making you fitter.

You see just by doing a short circuit involving a few supersets of compound exercises you will work near every muscle in your body plus work your heart rate up. All this leads to empty your glycogen stores (giving food a place to go) and provide a healthy gene expression (more muscle, less fat). The beauty of it all is that it takes half the time of a conventional workout, provokes no inflammation and is fun.

Try Some Of These….

1. Dumbell Squat


2. Dumbell Press


Simply combining these two with about 1 minutes rest between supersets is a great pairing to start your workout. It will get your whole body pumping plus warm up your shoulders. It’s also great as the Dumbell Squats work a bit like Deadlifts in that they will get your upper back/traps working and stabilising.

1. KettleBell Swings


2. Dips


This is great as the Kettlebell swings will work your full posterior chain including the hamstringslower back and upper back. While the Dips will hit your Chest, Triceps and Upper Back. So this is really a full body superset, plus the swings will get your heart pumping!

By simply doing two main supersets a total of 3 times with a minutes rest in between each you have a great simple workout that will work your entire body in a short amount of time….

It would be cool to get some comments seeing what Supersets you reccomend or have discovered recently that work well together…..

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