The Discipline of Choosing (Part 2 of 4)

This article is the second in a 4-part series about dreaming big. Read Part 1.

1. Dream like a child, act like an adult. 
What I mean by that is that we’ve had enough years and time to practice the art of discipline. If I gave you $100, you have learned the discipline of saving or using money for the things you need most. If I gave $100 to my boys, they’d ask daily to go to the toy store.  To buy what? Nothing that has been on their mind and nothing that they’ve been waiting for and saving for. No, they’ll want to buy the first thing that calls to them from the shelf. How do I know this? I just went shopping with them last weekend to spend their Christmas money. I had to consistently talk them through the fact that they will regret buying a whole bunch of little trinkets instead of waiting to get the thing that they want most later down the road.

In the last post, we talked about dreaming and you were encouraged to dream big like we did when we were kids. You wrote a list of things you really really want in life; for your family, for yourself, for your business, for your health. Then you wrote down reasons why you really really want them triggering a “stick with ya” emotional response to help motivate us. You practiced taking one dream at a time and worked backwards from it to create deadlines along the way turning your dreams into goals. Take those sheets of paper out and reread them.  Think about what you really want most.

2.  Shifting priorities
Unlike kids, we have had more time to practice discipline. We can look at what we want most, apply discipline and not cave into what we want right now. This is important because often times, what we want RIGHT NOW conflicts with what we really want. We might really want to lose 10 pounds, but what we want right now is to eat a stack of Oreos.

Discipline keeps you from eating the whole stack!  How can we make sure we make the disciplined choice most often?  We make a list of priorities.

We are not superheroes and we are not martyrs although, some of you are darn close! We cannot successfully juggle 10 things in life and give each of those things the same amount of attention, focus or effort without something falling through the cracks. Let me  suggest that you get another clean sheet of paper and write “PRIORITIES” at the top. Choose your top 4 priorities and write them down. Don’t be general, be specific.

For example:

  1. Taking time to pray and listen to God daily.
  2. Intentionally scheduling quality time with each of family members.
  3. Keeping a food log and working out consistently to lose weight.
  4. Increase fans on Facebook to increase sphere of influence for my business.

3.  Discipline: Choosing what you really want over what you want right now.
When a decision comes your way, look at your priorities. Does it line up with those priorities or conflict with them? Will it take time away from those priorities or will spending the time show value of the priorities? Consider this priority list your life mission statement for now.  Successful businesses make business decisions based on their mission. If it doesn’t fit the mission, it doesn’t fit the budget!

You’ll have to keep your dream/goal list and your priority list somewhere that you’ll see daily. Practice decision making using these lists. This will directly contribute to the success of making your dreams come true.

Read Part 3, A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish.

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