The Equal and Opposite Reaction….

Earlier this year I came across a fellow called Matt Stone. He is an independent health researcher and author of several nutrition e-books. His well researched ideas and polar opposite views on nutrition really got me interested. Especially after the recent buzz around the internet in the past few years calling certain diets the be all and end all and blaming anything and everything on Insulin or Carbohydrates.

I always suspected things weren’t quite so simple and this was proven by the amount of people I knew who ate a fairly relaxed diet and exercised sporadically yet stayed Vibrant and Healthy….. What we are starting to see in 2010 is that things are not so black and white, there is a lot more to be pieced together in the nutrition puzzle. Matt’s is someone who is trying to decode things along with a host of other great bloggers around the web. Enjoy the Guest post…..

The Equal and Opposite Reaction

ZentoFitness is a great site, precisely because the general idea here is that the greater danger in pursuing health is trying too hard – not hard enough.  But being overzealous about health is not just an unsustainable path or a way to alienate yourself from society.  No sir.  It can be quite destructive.

In fact, my own blog has become somewhat of a refuge for those who have literally tried too hard – who have been TOO dedicated to becoming healthy.  It was this obsessive mindset that led them over the edge of a cliff.

That cliff is the highly-restricted and extreme diet and/or exercise program.  I know this mentality well.  I spent 15 years in it.  I thought, like most, that health was the dividend paid for diligence, dedication, and discipline – the three D’s of disaster when it comes to health.

The human body is not a stubborn horse that needs motivation to do the right thing.  It’s not a slacker employee of yours that needs some inspiration to do things intelligently and efficiently.  It does not respond like you intend it to when you treat it with brute force.  If you are your body’s Drill Sergeant instead of its humble caregiver, you’ll be damn lucky if you escape its wrath long-term.  You ain’t the boss of you.  You are the servant of you – the gardener of you – the caretaker of you.

Health is not the result of ignoring the pleas and desires of the body, suppressing them as inner ‘weaknesses.’  It’s the 180-degree opposite.  The modern belief that we all eat too much, sleep too much, and exercise too little is a tragic flaw.  In fact, humans, who consume roughly 60% of their calories in the form of refined sugar, refined grain stripped of much of its nutritional content, and virtually nutrient-free vegetable oils – interspersed with restricted dieting while working harder and sleeping less than ever, are some of the most nutritionally-deprived creatures that have ever walked the earth.

The result of all this self-torture, which most try to counteract with doing unwanted exercise and making a conscious effort to eat less than they desire (more self-torture), is triggering the famine response of the human body.  The result is that we have less energy, greater appetites, are reluctant to burn fat, store it with ease, and have falling body temperatures.  Yes, believe it or not, the average body temperature is falling across the globe – an ominous sign if I’ve ever heard one.  I hear from people almost daily with body temperatures running between 95 and 97 degrees F, a tremendous state of functional starvation – even if those temperatures are coming from those weighing over 300 pounds.

But if you gather anything from this post, let it be the simple message that the body reacts to your attempts to beat it into submission with an equal and opposite force in the unintended direction.

“Force the body and it reacts, coax the body and it responds” – Scott Abel

If you are eating less than your body is asking for, and exercising more than your body wants to, your body temperature will drop as you go into hibernation mode.  Even if you are seduced by weight loss, falling blood pressure, falling blood sugar, and more while taking the typical “eat less/exercise more” approach to health, your weight set point will be rising – waiting until that last sliver of willpower crumbles to throw all that fat back on (bringing a few friends with it – along with blood pressure and glucose levels higher than before you made the attempt to get healthy).

Believe it or not, the two most overweight women trying my 180 Degree approach to health and even weight loss, both with a 30-year dieting history and one that has had several weight loss surgeries with no lasting results, are slowly losing weight by force-feeding themselves combined with decreasing their exercise and increasing their sleep.

How could that be? It’s all due to the equal and opposite reaction of the human body.  Feed it well – intentionally eating more than you desire of nutrient-rich foods, rest up to the max, give in to cravings instead of fighting them, and guess what happens?  You actually want to eat less AND eat healthier (cravings for junk, sweets, etc. disappear), the metabolism rises, energy and desire to exercise rises automatically, and weight loss becomes easier than it has ever been.

Come check out what I call the “Nutritional Superabundance Mindset (NSM)” , where we are definitely opening up to some new and radical paradigms in the pursuit of sustainable – and enjoyable health.  It doesn’t get more Zen-like than that baby!

You can checkout some key points of the e-book in this video:

If you want to hear even “moore” checkout his podcast with the legendary Jimmy Moore…….

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