The Importance of Joint Mobility

For the past few months I have been starting my days with a quick joint mobility routine. After extensive reading on the topic and using it I have  seen huge benefits first hand. Joint mobility has powers not only to prevent injury, but to heal, revitalise and shuttle nutrients to the joints.

Introducing a quick joint mobility routine could be the best thing you do for your body. You will probably find that many aches and pains disappear and some even think that joint mobilising exercises can reverse ageing which has been incurred from overdoing activities or have been induced by trauma and injuries, or even just everyday living…..

So what is Joint Mobility? In a nutshell it is a type of training which actively moves your joints and brings in endogenous energy (outside energy) to the joints, which brings with it lubrication and therefore helps the joints heal and regenerate. Not only this but it restores posture and improves your movements as control over the nervous system is re-enforced. Have a look at the video below for a rough guideline of what Joint Mobility actually looks like.

Pretty simple stuff, but it holds huge benefits.

Mobility is body’s own anti-ageing agent. When you bathe each joint in nutritive and lubricative flow, you revitalise “endogenous energy” (an energy independent of outside sources). Mobility removes aches and pains which are the body’s last effort attempt to communicate to your brain that injury is imminent. Mobility halts and reverses accelerated ageing which happens not only from physical activities, trauma, and injuries, but also from just daily living in a gravitational field. As such, mobility is the elixir of life, a truly innate fountain of wellness. Movement is life!

Sometimes it takes starting a joint mobility routine to realise how rigid/crackly and stiff our joints have become, this is something that was true for me. The first time I went through Steve Maxwell’s joint mobility routine joints were clicking and cracking and felt really uncomfortable. Not only this but my co-ordination was definitely off with some of the joints movements, and I consider myself a sporty/co-ordinated person so this was pretty surprising.

Joint mobility should be looked upon as General Maintenance for your body. Just like a car needs oiling, and the tyres need pumping our bodies have similar needs. Joints are like hinges and need regular oiling, maybe not everyday (although it would be great) but a lot of us could certainly benefit from some joint mobility a few times a week. Especially those with shoulder or hip injuries and those who play lots of sports.

Some of the key parts of the body that will benefit are:

  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Lower Back + Upper
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Ankles and Wrists

How to Learn? The great thing about joint mobility is that you don’t need any fancy courses or classes to learn a routine. There are loads of free joint mobility routines on YouTube see Here and Here….. Alternatively I have found a great e-book on the topic that can be had free using this Link……. Steve Maxwell’s Daily Dozen are also worth checking out but his videos which cost around $10 each are really very good and have been something I have used and can highly recommend. (I in no way endorse these products – just being honest about something I feel gives great value)

Joint mobility is not only something worth investing time in for yourself but also something you can teach and show to others as it can benefit everyone – Young, old, active or sedentary we could all use some extra mobility…..

Try going through basic 10-15 minute joint mobility routine daily for the next week and see how you feel.


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