The Science of Flow: A Key to Ultimate Human Performance

What is flow? Flow is the key to ultimate human performance. It’s an optimal state of consciousness in which we perform and feel our best. It’s what enhances creativity, drives innovation, accelerates learning, and significantly amplifies happiness. And flow can happen to anyone! Maybe it’s big wave surf legend Laird Hamilton or your next door neighbor who ran a 5K run last weekend.

New York Times best seller author Steven Kotler is releasing a book in March 2014 titled The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance. He draws from over a decade of research and first-hand reporting with dozens of top athletes, exploring the science behind “flow”, an optimal state of conscience in which we perform and feel our best.

“Flow is like being swept up by the river of ultimate human performance. We are better, faster, stronger. All aspects are amplified.” – Steven Kotler

It looks like a fascinating read and even if I’m not a super-athlete, it’ll be interesting to see if learning more about “flow” can increase my own performance when I run marathons, race in triathlons, ski the slopes, go to they gym or any other type of exercise or activity I’m participating in. Maybe I can set a few personal records or just feel better about myself. In my life, I feel that the more I understand why I’m working out, the easier it is to stay in shape.

If you preorder it on Amazon, you save 30% on the list price.

Have you experienced flow? If so, share it with The Rise of Superman here.

(via Flow Genome Project)

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