The Simple Holiday Workout

Here is a simple and effective bodyweight workout for anyone pushed for time in the holidays. It is interval based and requires no equipment other than a stopwatch or even better some sort of timer.

So here it is:

It is basically 8 rounds of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off (rest). Done twice making 8 minutes of total work and the workout coming in at around 16 minutes (20 minutes total with warmup).

First 8 Rounds

-Prisoner Squat (arms tensed behind neck and remember heels on floor)

-Pushups (as many as you can properly then use knees or bench to make easier)

Second 8 Rounds

-Prisoner Lunge (again arms tensed behind neck)

-Dips (on ledge/bench/chair)

So it will come in at 2 minutes of each exercise and be a great full body workout. Be sure to do some of the mobility drill as a warmup with some running or jumping jacks to get the blood flowing. Finish with some simple stretching focusing on the main muscle groups:

  • Start with neck mobility
  • Move to Chest and Shoulders
  • Then the Upper Back and Lats
  • Move to Hips and Hamstrings
  • Then finish with Quads and Calves

holding each stretch for 10-30 seconds depending on muscle tightness. All in all done within 20 minutes, but it will feel much shorter as time flys by doing intervals.

So there we have it, a minimal yet effective holiday workout that can be done whenever you like. It will get your metabolism running efficiently as well as working the whole body with compound and corrective exercises. ENJOY and Happy Holidays.


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