The Simple Joys of Tennis

Sport of a Lifetime

Tennis if anyone has been inspired by Pete Sampras, McEnroe or more recently Roger Federer they will know the joys of tennis. It’s the sport of kings or what some like to call the “Sport of a LIfetime” any how its a game of pure elegance and mastery.
I have always loved tennis for the dedicationprecision and hard work it requires and the beauty it provides in ultimately being a hugely rewarding sport. I went for years playing regular tennis while growing up but dropped the habit when I reached my late teens which was a big mistake. Luckily picking back up the skills is like riding a bike – you never really forget…..
Tennis is easy to get into but hard to master giving it the qualities of a great endeavor. It has the perfect mix of interval training, resistance and gets your reflexes and agility up to scratch…..


1- People who play Tennis 3 times a week cut their risk of death in half from any cause. Weird I know, but its been proven in a 20 year long study involving 10,000 people.

2- Tennis requires tactical thinking and can generate new connections between the nerves and brain. Rewiring you for the better and developing your brain.

3- Its a Social sport but leaves you in total control which gives us improved self esteem, optimism and vigor.

4- A one hour game of tennis is probably one of the best forms of interval training know to man, its stop start and will get you releasing endorphins that make you feel good.

Physical Reasons to Play Tennis

1- Aerobic Fitness – You will develop stamina that a jogger could only dream of.
2- Anaerobic Fitness – Short Intense bursts will have a similar effect to sprinting which effectively is what you will be forced to do in a game of tennis.
3- Co-Ordination – Tennis forces your whole body to work as a whole and will re-wire your nervous system for success.
4- Cross-Training – Its a demanding sort that will push your body even if you are seasoned at other sports. To me apart from strength training its the ultimate total body and mind workout.
5- Hand to Eye Co-Ordination – As you will constantly have to judge the timing between the on-coming ball and when you should hit it.
6- Bone Strength – Tennis will not wither you away like other slow steady cardio, it will get you out in the sunshine and help you build strong bones for the future.

Psychological Reasons to Play Tennis

1- Develop Discipline – Tennis forces you to create self discipline and patience in practice which will push into everyday life.
2- Learn to Compete – The ability to keep your cool one on one will prepare you for real world situations.
3- Manage Stress Effectively – The Physical, emotional and mental stress of tennis will bolster your capacity for dealing with it in day to day situations.
4- Learn to Win, Lose Graciously – This is one of the most important skills in life. Gloating after a win or sulking after a loss doesn’t work in tennis.
5 –  Learn Teamwork – Play some doubles and you will experience the ultimate team-working/social sports experience.
6 – Have FUN – Tennis will bring out the best in you and allow you to see the beauty in life.


Have a look at the video above for some inspiration. Its a sport we can all pickup at anytime in our lives and learn to love, Tennis can develop our minds and bodies and most importantly keep you having fun whilst gearing you for the real world………

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