The Truth About Salt

As we all know Salt is a controversial topic. One day we read that salt is essential for good health, the next it causes hypertension and all kinds of other health problems. What is for sure is that we need salt, it is essential for us to function. For instance the Bible has over 50 references to Salt, most of them positive – this should be an indicator as to how important salt is.

Conventional wisdom has gotten things right in that Sodium Chloride (the type we find commercially) or table salt is bad for us. This is due to the highly refined nature of the salt that has been heated up and heavily processed, therefore flushing out all the minerals and nutrients – In essence becoming the definition of a junk food product. This process also adds many toxic compounds like ‘alumino-silicate of sodium or yellow prussiate of soda’ which are both compounds of Aluminium which have been shown to be toxic to both the brain and the pancreas. As well as this corn sugar is often added to table salt – Making for a refined sugar and salt combo.

Why Do We Need Salt?

Real unrefined sea salt is essential to our bodies – We need to look at our bodies like the ocean with all the flow of body fluids: lympahtic, blood, and extracellular fluids.This makes it obvious that a good nutrient and mineral balance is necessary, especially because their constitution is so similar to sea water in terms of mineral content.

  1. Nourish the Adrenals – Our Adrenal glands run on sodium. But they need sodium with the full spectrum of minerals rather than the refined sodium chloride we eat in abundance today. To me salt is more important in curing and preventing adrenal fatigue than any synthetic vitamin could be.
  2. Sleep – It maybe linked to salts ability to relax the adrenals but those who have been on either a low salt or “bad” salt diet for a while notice much deeper and more refreshing sleep once they switch to good salt.
  3. Blood Pressure – It is the refined and processed salt that causes a slight hike in blood pressure. High quality unrefined salt actually works to reduce blood pressure in most cases.
  4. Swelling – Salt is often associated with water retention. In my experience though introducing a good amount of unrefined salt has solved problems like oedema and other fluid retention problems. This is because the mineral content helps balance out the body and prevent fluids accumulating.
  5. Digestion – While commercial salt reduces digestive capabilities by neutralising stomach acid, salt with a full spectrum of minerals actually does the opposite and strengthens digestion by stimulating HCL production.
  6. Congestion – Many people have a chronically blocked sinus or nasal cavity. They are often quick to blame this on a wheat or dairy allergy, when in reality the problem could stem from a lack of good salt. Sea Salt literally draws mucous from the body – many people notice this when they first introduce it to their diet.

Below is a really cool video from EastWest healing running over some stuff about salt. The video is pretty long but worth 10 minutes of your time…..

This post was really written to try and get across the point that salt is not bad, just the wrong type is. So long as you stick to natural unrefined sea salt feel free to use it liberally in your cooking. Let’s not forget there is a reason we crave and enjoy salty foods.

Salt has been treasured since the beginning of time. Its time we take advantage of its healing and nourishing properties for better health!

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