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I thought it would be cool to write a post with some general tips that have rung true with me in the last few months. Some life lessons in every aspect of living that are truly important to enriching your life!

– Ups and Downs are inevitable, we don’t have control over our feelings and emotions all we can do is feel them and get on with life. That is the only variable we have control over. Our Actions! Don’t let emotions like fear, anger, jealousy etc rule your life and don’t be scared of them they will always be there but will pass quickly when you keep yourself busy with purposeful tasks. You can’t run from feelings and emotions you just have to accept them and move on. You will find the word acceptance is something very important in all aspects of life.

– Fruit I hear a lot of people give caution to those eating too much fruit as you will get fat. From my experience most of us can get away with eating a god amount everyday. I will usually go through a batch of strawberries, blueberries and a few apples each day. I would say steer clear of fruit juice (The human body was has not evolved to handle a smoothie containing 10 apples,and a banana) and excess dried fruit but if your sticking to the fresh stuff the human body seems to stop craving it naturally when you’ve had a few pieces. Remember no one ever got fat eating fruit……

– Kindness and helping others is the only way to be happy. All misery and suffering is caused by excessive introverted focus. The happiest people will direct their attention outwards, whether it be maintaining something (garden, raising a family or taking care of a pet) or just doing kind acts for others. On the opposite end of the spectrum the most miserable people are excessively self focused trying to make themselves feel better or the world work in their favor. Whenever your feeling down try and think of how you could make someone else happy.

– Process not Outcome is always important and its where joy in anything lies. Human nature means we are always more pleased with the process rather than the outcome. Take for example projects I used to do as a kid; I was into building computers, getting all the components and building it from scratch. It would take me days to build and a week or two before hand waiting for the components. I would take great joy in the process of building it, the up’s and down’s and while the outcome was great it never beat the process.
The same goes for helping others and contributing. Never think ‘I will help this person and become happy’ the happiness will come naturally when your not in search of it. Look back at past projects or tasks you have completed and remember where you felt the best…….

– Keep Fit even in the hardest of times. Whether your stressed out or tired its important to keep to some kind of regular fitness plan, whether it be a few Body weight sessions and a few short runs a week. This will go a long way to flushing out stress hormones and toxins from the body and keep you functioning the way you were meant to. You will probably find the times in which your finding it hardest to exercise are the times you need it most.

– Cherish Time With Loved Ones this is time you will never get back and at the end of the day these will always be the most important people in your life. If you live far away from home make an effort to go see your parent’s when you can and if you live close see them more. Also spend time with siblings, other close family and friends who you feel comfortable with. This will go a long way to improving your well being and getting you through hard times.

– Read your library will be one of the most important things you ever have. In a years time the only thing that will have changed are “The Books you Read and the People you Meet” populate your library with books on living, business, finance, biography’s and good novels and your life will be enriched. Try to set aside time for reading each day, make it a habit….
Get recommendations from people you meet or close friends and family. I always find its best to read something that you have a strong interest it as you will never get through a book on a topic you find boring.

And remember Keep Busy!

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