Track Your Dog’s Fitness With FitBark

A small company in New York has created a cool product that allows you to track your dog’s fitness. FitBark collects physical activity and rest levels 24/7, providing useful insights into your dog’s behavior and activity levels. The dog-bone shaped piece attaches to a collar and fits any dog size. The real-time information can be viewed on your iOS or Android smartphone device.

One of the advantages of the FitBark is that you can monitor your dog’s activity away from home, 24 hours a day. The device utilizes Bluetooth and 3d accelerometer technology as well as machine learning, which means the longer you dog wears the device, the smarter FitBark gets in recognizing and categorizing your dog’s activities starting from resting, walking, playing, and scratching.

Unfortunately FitBark doesn’t come with GPS technology as it raised the weight and size significantly, but more importantly, it would’ve taken the focus away from one of company’s main goals, how you can understand your dog’s health and behavior better and stay connected. I think it’s a cool idea, although I might want to see some more features in the future before I’m convinced I need to put one on my dog. There is a demand for FitBark though, because they initially were funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

You can pre-order one now for $69 and the expected ship date is March of 2014, which then the price goes up to $99. It currently is offered in light blue, hot pink, emerald green, dark grey, and true red. And yes, it’s waterproof.

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