U.S. Sees Increase In Home Births

The March issue of CDC’s NCHS Data Brief published a report that the U.S. has seen a lot more women giving birth outside of a hospital in the past decade. The 56% increase is due to higher safety standards, better midwives and increased popularity in the method.

Lynn Johnson, a midwife and administrator of Women’s and Children’s Services in Huntington Hospital in New York mentioned, “More people are talking about midwifery birth and having their experience as they would like to have it.”

The increased popularity of this method can also be attributed to the fact that midwives now work with doctors to coordinate a home delivery and that many feel that the delivery process can happen in a slower and more controlled way.

The coordination between midwives and hospitals is what has really decreased the risk profiles of home births as the possibility of complications during delivery can always happen.

The report also noted that teen births or women facing potential have complications still go to a hospital for delivery due to the possibility of needing medical equipment.

(via WebMD)

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