UCSF Study: 50% of Online Coupons Analyzed Were for Snacks, Cereals & Prepared Meals

A recent survey of national grocery store chains and over 1,000 coupons revealed that 50% of the discounts were for processed snacks, candies, desserts, cereals, and prepared meals. Another 12% were for beverages in which half of those were soda, sports and energy drinks. Less than 1% of the coupons were for fruits and only 3% vegetables.

UC San Francisco conducted the study over a period of 4 weeks and only surveyed the online coupons of 6 national grocery store chains across the United States during a non-holiday period. With almost one-third of shoppers using online coupons, the purpose of the survey was to identify how their purchasing decisions were being influenced by these store discounts.

It’s only a small sample, but the statistics show that retailers are influencing users to purchase unhealthy foods by offering more coupons for them rather than healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, and unprocessed foods. It’s up to the willpower of the shopper to ignore the discounts on unhealthy foods and do what’s right for your own diet.

For healthy eating on a budget and more incredible resources, check out the USDA’s ChooseMyPlate.gov website.

(via CDC)

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