Walking your way to Health and Fitness

We are evolved to do good amounts of walking everyday, this is obvious from the way we stand upright and how easy we find it to walk. Walking encompasses huge benefits for not only the body but the mind as well. I have put together a short roundup of why we should all try and fit in some more walking to our lives today…

I’ve been through every diet under the sun, and I can tell you that getting up, getting out, and walking is always the first goal.
– Oprah Winfrey

We stand upright for a reason

The fact that we stand upright instead of on all fours like most of the other species on earth is simply down to the fact that it is far more energy efficient. Walking on our legs saves us 4 times as much energy in comparison to walking on arms and legs like chimps or dogs do. We have evolved to be like this as our ancestors did vast amounts of walking each day to travel. They occasionally did more explosive activity like sprints to catch prey or short jogs to get somewhere quicker, but most the time they just walked.

Walking is one of the most natural things for our body to do it just feels right.

Don’t worry about calories it burns

Although walking doesn’t burn very many calories and should not replace a proper exercise regime it is something that is very important and you fit into your lifestyle. It’s easy to fit in a walk first thing in the morning or a 15 minute walk after dinner to unwind before bed. For some reason when we do good amounts of walking (1-2 hours a day) like most of us do on holiday you will find it very hard to put on weight in spite of our diet. It almost seems that our bodies like to know they are being kept active.

Host of Benefits

Walking encompasses a variety of health benefits which apply to us all whether your a seasoned trainer or someone looking to get started with a healthier lifestyle.

– Its Great for our circulation and lymphatic system, a short 30 minute brisk walk will get your body functioning the way its suppose to. Your lymphatic system will start working to flush out toxins and your heart will beat faster helping circulation to your arms, feet and organs.

– Mental Health, Going for a 30 minute or longer walk in a peaceful environment must be one of the best stress busters known to man, its amazing how problems and anxieties can life when you go for a walk. Try to find somewhere peaceful like a local park or trail. You don’t have to do this alone walking around with a good friend is also very relaxing.

Walking makes you feel good!

– Fasted Walks. Are probably one of the best ways to burn fat and get leaner, if you haven’t tried this already wake up grab a black coffee and go for a long walk while listening to some music, a podcast or whatever you want. This is probably the easiest way to lose a bit of weight and get leaner, it can also relax you and if you listen to something constructive you can make it a very productive practice.

– Control Blood Glucose. There are various studies showing a 45 minute walk a day can stabilize your blood glucose levels. This basically means you will be happier, have less hunger pangs, metabolize your food better and feel better in general.

– Great Low Impact, exercise it will keep your bones and joints limber as it involves close to no impact unlike jogging.
It also helps strengthen the tendons in your knees and ankle’s so long
walks are especially good as recovery methods or to ease yourself into
an exercise regime.

So Easy to Fit in

Anyone can fit some extra walking into their lives. Personally I try to walk for at least 30 minutes everyday on top of my exercise plans. I fit this in by using less public transport and walking to most places I go, all it takes is setting out a little earlier.

-When Commuting to work or getting places, try to fit in more walking either set out earlier and walk to your destination or get off public transport a few stops earlier and walk part of the way.

– Take a short walk before bed. A late evening walk (10-15 minutes) will not only help you digest your dinner it will allow you to relax and reflect on the day before you hit the sack. Clearing your head before sleeping is essential to a good nights rest.

– On Weekends. I like to get up do some browsing on the net and just go for a walk, pickup a coffee, grab a newspaper and slowly grab breakfast. This will usually lead to me having walked for at least 15 minutes without me even realizing it, by the time I have drunk my black coffee and read the newspaper I will have been on the go for a while and walked quite a bit, without eating prolonging my fat burning morning fast.

– Going shopping for food. If you live within walking distance of a grocery store its a great oppurtunity to fit in some walking. You will be surprised how carrying your groceries and walking to and from the grocery store will keep you up on your feet and walking about for 30 minutes if not more without you even realizing.

– Just get it in. Go for long walks with your friends or family. It is great bonding time and allows you to explore surroundings while keeping fit, a stress and boredom buster.

Those are just some ideas from the top of my head and ways I fit in walking and staying on my feet during the day. Walking can be used as a great tool to relax, burn fat and enjoy life.

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