What Healthy People Don’t Do

Its no secret that healthy people generally live a better lifestyle than unhealthy people. They seem happier and more energetic whilst achieving more in life. I came across an article in the NYT the other day entitled “What Happy People Don’t Do” its short and sweet but made a very powerful impact and made me realize there are a host of things that healthy people don’t do which in essence keeps them fit, strong and healthy, ready to tackle what life throws their way!

Healthy People Don’t Eat Junk

Healthy people understand the importance of eating real whole-food. They have no qualms about saying no to fast food and try to eat fresh when possible. They save junk or desserts for treats and special occasions; in the past things like cake where always saved for special occasions its only been recently that they have become foods that have been eaten everyday and now with the huge range of confectionary available they are making the world fatter and sicker than ever.

So remember skip the junk or save it for special occasions….

This post on Diet from Dr. Scott is superb and gives an example of what I mean by healthy eating and gives a powerful example of what we have evolved to eat. Healthy eating does not have to be strict or deprive you. Its important to distinguish a few base rules and stick to them. Laird Hamilton is a great example of a healthy person who knows a thing or two about nutrition!

Healthy People Don’t Stay Up Too Late

To feel at my best its important that I am in bed before midnight most nights and clock in 7-9 hours of good quality sleep.

For every hour you are asleep before midnight also counts double as such!

Most the healthy people I know and those who are good shape, take their sleep as a very important part of their lifestyle and enjoy winding down and getting to bed around 11PM and getting up early the next morning. This is the optimum way to live in terms of productivity as the morning is a peaceful and relaxing time, making it great to get errands done or do some exercise. Or even just to meditate and practice your breathing getting you setup for the day.

Healthy People Don’t Try and Control Things They Can’t

Worrying about ANYTHING we cannot control is useless and does nothing but harm releasing damaging stress hormones throughout your body triggering a fight and fly response…… It only handicaps and diminishes the quality of our lives. Most people in good stable mental health realize that worrying about anything out of our control is a bad way to live.

Try to remember that the things you worry about today won’t matter in 20 years time let alone tomorrow….

For the natural born worriers out there a useful tip to stop worrying is to create a “worry sheet” this is a method of postponing your fears for another time this tricks the brain into thinking things have been dealt with allowing you to move on with life. Next time your worried about a few things grab a pen and paper write down all the things bothering you and forget about them telling yourself that you plan to worry about them later. This re-conditions your mind not to worry about things in the present, its shockingly effective!

Those are 3 core things I have found most healthy people have in common, any others you care share please feel free to comment below I would love to get some collective wisdom!

Also Check out this post called Weird Things Humans Do great stuff Again from Dr. Scott Olson

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